UFO DISCLOSURE AND OBAMA (Updated 1/23/2013)

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       On July 25, 2009, I received a link to a C-SPAN interview of Buzz Aldrin in which he claimed that there is a monolith on a moon of Mars (Phobos).  I went searching the Torah Code to see if there was anything about the Obama Administration ever disclosing an alien presence. That matrix is shown as the second matrix below.  The first matrix shifts focus to the left to show Mars.  Buzz was, of course, the second moon to walk  on our moon, landing there on the Apollo 11 lunar excursion module (Eagle) on July 20, 1969.  (To include Aldrin on the top matrix would require an expansion in area from 216 letters to 1,540).  Note that the Aldrin disclosure was made shortly after he briefly met with Clark McClelland, discussed below.  I have no knowledge as to whether it was first cleared by the Obama Administration.  

       On September 20, 2010 NBC launched a new dramatic series, The Event. In it, Blair Underwood in a shallow impersonation of President Obama  stars as the Commander-in-Chief to who is forced to announce that our planet is being engaged by extraterrestrial intelligence. There is speculation in the UFO community that this show is the latest in a long line of infotainments designed to prepare the way for a real announcement.  On December 2, 2010 there was an announcement about exobiology NASA, but it only dealt with bacteria.  I have a matrix up about the announcement at Alien DNA. While bacteria based on DNA with arsenic rather than phosphorus is an astounding find, it is only the smallest of a fraction of what NASA still is keeping from the public.      

       Most disappointing, on the night before the raid that killed Bin Laden, at a White House roast of Obama. with Donald Trump present; Obama likened stories of his foreign birth to those of the Roswell UFO. Sadly, I believe that Obama was indeed born in Mombasa, and I know that the Roswell events was real. To link them together means that this President will probably not reveal the truth about Roswell any more than he would risk removal from office by telling us the truth about Roswell. His other joke about Roswell is also of noteworthy.

NOTE: This is a wrapped matrix, based on UFO DISCLOSURE at skip 69,208.  CodeFinder or similar software that can make more than one computer pass of the Torah is necessary to reproduce it.

STATISTICAL SIGNIFIANCE OF THE MATRIX. The probability that Obama would lie in a 40-letter matrix with UFO DISCLOSURE (at ELS Rank #3) as is shown above is .002361236 (.0024) which equals about one chance in 423.  
On the matrix below, the discovery that NEPHILIM was in the larger, 176-letter matrix, was a-posteriori.  Normally I do not calculate the statistical significance of a-posteriori terms (terms found after the fact); however this web site discusses a Tall Extra Terrestrial in conjunction with the page on Clark McClelland, who claimed to see such a being on a classified monitor being used for a Space Shuttle flight.  Clark has published extensively about his experience at the Kennedy Space Center, and he believes that the creature seen was one of the Nephilim (giants) discussed in the Torah. In 2012 I moved to Cape Canaveral, Florida. Many of the people who live very near me work at the Space Center, which can easily be seen from my condo. At least one has indirectly confirmed Clark's story.  As such, a probability study was conducted to see what the chance was to have both Obama and NEPHILIM in the 176-letter matrix with UFO DISCLOSURE. 

       It is my practice to downgrade the significance of an initial term if I must expand the matrix to encompass additional terms.  In this case I do so because it is possible to find Obama many more ways in a 176-letter matrix than in a 40-letter matrix.  The value of Obama drops to p = .053222148 (.053) which is about one chance in 18 – not really significant by itself on a matrix this large. The probabilities so far are all based on the Roffman Skip Formula and associated tables.  However, what of NEPHILIM?  Since it is an open text find, we just search for its frequency in the open text of the Torah. It’s only there three times (p = .00519 or about one chance in 192).  The combined probability an Obama at any skip and NEPHILIM at skip +1 to be in a 176-letter matrix with UFO DISCLOSURE is about .000276 which is one chance in 3,618.  This matrix, posted on May 19, 2009, appears to be significant (Obama’s first name, BARACK, is also on the 176-letter matrix at skip -1).   But whether or not it relates to the Buzz Aldrin Revelation (or any other event), remains to be seen. I write this update on October 31, 2012. To date there has been no major disclosure, only leaks. Further by this date I have begun to believe that matrices based on Obama, which is a high frequency ELS term, should only be published when they are at skip +/- 1 (which can only be found with the nonstandard spelling of alef vav bet mem alef rather than the standard spelling of alef vav bet mem hey), or when Obama is at the absolute skip of the axis term (here UFO DISCLOSURE).

      One thing this family knows well - the picture of Mars given to the public is incorrect. The atmospheric pressure of Mars is higher than what has been announced.  The proof for this assertion can be had at the following sites (Abstracts are also included below):


PowerPoint Summary of HIGHER THAN ADVERTISED MARTIAN AIR PRESSURE - Part 1 by David A. Roffman. Posted September 9, 2012.

PowerPoint Summary of HIGHER THAN ADVERTISED MARTIAN AIR PRESSURE - PART 2 (Annexes and Supporting Data). Posted August 18, 2011.




BASIC REPORT for HIGHER THAN ADVERTISED MARTIAN AIR PRESSURE by David A. Roffman and Barry S. Roffman with tentative MSL Results on October 29, 2012.

ABSTRACT and ANNEX A OF HIGHER THAN ADVERTISED MARTIAN AIR PRESSURE. Viking 1 Morning Pressure and Temperature Changes. Posted October 24, 2012

ABSTRACT and ANNEX B to HIGHER THAN ADVERTISED MARTIAN AIR PRESSURE. Viking 2 Morning Pressure and Temperature Changes. Posted October 24, 2012. 

ANNEX C to HIGHER THAN ADVERTISED MARTIAN AIR PRESSURE. Viking 2 Stuck Pressure Gauge. Posted October 24, 2012.

ANNEX D to HIGHER THAN ADVERTISED MARTIAN AIR PRESSURE. Posted October 25, 2012. Percent Differences between Measured Pressures on Viking 1 and Gay-Lussac/Amonton's Law-Based Predictions. Posted October 24, 2012.

ANNEX E to HIGHER THAN ADVERTISED MARTIAN AIR PRESSURE. Measured vs. Predicted Pressure Perecent Differences for Viking -1 Time-bins 0.3 and 0.34. Posted October 24, 2012. 

ANNEX F to HIGHER THAN ADVERTISED MARTIAN AIR PRESSURE. Percent Difference Flow Chart for Viking-1 Sols 1 to 113, and 134 to 350. Posted October 24, 2012.

ANNEX G to HIGHER THAN ADVERTISED MARTIAN AIR PRESSURE. Tavis Transducer Specifications and Test Results. Posted October 24, 2012. 

ANNEX H to HIGHER THAN ADVERTISED MARTIAN AIR PRESSURE. Calibration Efforts for the Mars Pathfinder Tavis Pressure Transducer and IMP Windsock Experiment. Posted October 24, 2012 


Higher Than Advertised Martian Air Pressure

Part 1 – Basic Report Overview of Pressure Measurement Issues

 David A. Roffman

University of Florida



ABSTRACT: The enigma of dust devils/storms on Mars (with a near-vacuum pressure rated at 6.1 mbar at areoid) is cause to question accuracy of accepted pressure values. The Basic Report includes reviews of NASA-archived historical documents, analysis of technical papers, personal interviews of pressure transducer designers, and a brief discussion of an in depth audit of Viking pressure and temperature data (see Annexes A through F for detailed audit results). Five landers attempted to directly measure pressure – two Vikings, Pathfinder, Phoenix and MSL Curiosity. Accepted pressures are based on their data and radio occultation/spectroscopy by orbiters. Viking transducers were only rated at 18 mbar (Pathfinder and Phoenix at 12 mbar, MSL at 11.5 mbar). Both Vikings and MSL showed consistent daily pressure spikes at the same times. They are highly correlated with how gas pressure in a sealed container would vary with Absolute temperature. Pressure fluctuations are linked to heating by radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs) or other heat-generating electronic operating cycles. When the heaters were most needed there was less than a 2% difference for predicted and reported pressures. The formula employed assumes a clogged air access tube/dust filter.

       Radio occultation-derived pressures are discussed, as are Pathfinder, Phoenix and MSL wind speed measurement failures. Phoenix pressure transducer design problems are highlighted with respect to confusion about dust filter location, and lack of information about nearby heat sources due to International Traffic and Arms Regulations. Further pressure questions arise from high densities encountered during aerobraking operations (particularly over the South Pole). Spectroscopy for pressure did not work over ice there. NASA could not replicate dust devils at 10 mbar without employing wind speeds 11+ times greater than associated with Martian dust devils. Sand dunes observed from HIRISE, and rapidly filled MER Spirit tracks indicated sand movement that would require wind speeds of 80 mph at the assumed low pressures. These winds were not seen at either Viking, indicating higher pressures than recorded. Spiral clouds with ~10 km-wide eye walls are seen on and over Arsia Mons where pressure was thought to be ~1 mbar. Future transducers require wider pressure range sensitivity and a way to replace dust filters and keep air access tubes clear.



Higher Than Advertised Martian Air Pressure

Part 2 – Audit of Viking Pressure Data

 Barry S. Roffman (Lieutenant, USCG, Ret)

Barry S. Roffman@GMail.Com


       After a cursory review of the Viking Project Data it became apparent that an extensive audit was imperative. The Viking Project Data did not seem to explain weather phenomena (spiral clouds over Arsia Mons, dust devils, etc.) clearly seen on Mars. A general discussion of the problems is offered in the Basic Report by David Roffman. The data audit results are presented in seven Annexes. The Viking Project data divides every Martian day into 25 time-bins (hours), each ~59 minutes long. Annex A (Viking 1 sols 1 to 350) and Annex B (Viking 2 sols 156 to 361) emphasize how pressures change during morning time-bins that correspond to 0630 to 0830. A simple formula, Pressure predicted = (6.51 mbar*255.77 K)/Temperature K measured, was often correct for 0730. Annex C examines how often the pressure sensor did not work (stuck or no pressures) between Viking 2 sols 639 and 799. Annex D examines the percent differences between hourly predictions and reported pressures for Viking 1 from sols 1 to 350. Annex E focuses on predictions and reported pressures for the 0.3 (0730) and .34 (0830) time-bins. Annex F maps out the best and worst prediction times each day, clearly proving the influence of the RTG heaters on hourly pressure reports. Annex G shows what went wrong in the transducer selection and testing process. These Annexes provide hard evidence that the Tavis pressure transducers used for the Vikings (and Pathfinder) likely jammed with dust during the landing process. The meaning of this is that it is doubtful that they ever measured ambient pressure conditions of Mars.  There is evidence that all subsequent attempts to measure pressure were colored by the reported Viking results. Problems with Phoenix pressures based on a Vaisala transducer are discussed in the Basic Report.


Draft PDF of the PowerPoint for the above presentation on the Audit of Viking Pressure Data.