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Table 1 in two parts has the critical e-mail and publication record. This page was first posted on April 11, 2020 and updated on December 7, 2020 with correspondence from Jiangwen Qu to Craig Ebrahimi that he forwarded to Barry Roffman

     The table below is a quick reference related to the connections between a meteorite found offshore of Sooke, Canada on March 1-6, 2018 by Craig Ebrahimi and the source of the COVID-19 Wuhan virus. The Table is growing as more e-mails are added. Attachments for e-mails listed there are being posted here. Ebrahimi needs to be questioned and tested for the COVID19 virus as does his wife,  Dr. Elaine Humphrey at the University of Victoria, and Dr. Jerzy A. Sawicki at the University of Victoria where the meteorites/suspect source of the virus is stored; Dr. Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe at the University of Buckingham in the UK where a sample was sent and later lost/stolen in Sri Lanka, Dr. Karen Ziegler at the University of New Mexico, and Dr. Aaron Burton at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston. All five scientists handled the meteorite after Craig ate a sample and temporarily went bald. There is evidence that the meteorite was virus infected. I suspect that the thief is Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe.





March 1-6, 2018

 1. When did you find the rocks?  March 01>06  2018  

FEBRUARY 16, 2019

Note: Times given are likely for different time zones.

On Sat, Feb 16, 2019 at 2:52 PM Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com> wrote:
Yes it is fossil    E.T 

From: Naveen Jain <naveen@viome.com>
Sent: February 16, 2019 3:36 PM
To: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
Cc: Naveen.jain@gmail.com <Naveen.jain@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Fw: Fw: Discovery in a Meteorite uvic bc

That’s interesting. I wonder if it’s a fossil or just CAI. 

Yes it is fossil    E.T 
From: Naveen Jain <naveen@viome.com>
Sent: February 16, 2019 3:36 PM
To: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
Cc: Naveen.jain@gmail.com <Naveen.jain@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Fw: Fw: Discovery in a Meteorite uvic bc
Interesting. I will love to see it. Are you selling it. 


Naveen Jain
Founder & CEO, Viome, Inc.
M: 425-830-6556



MAY  10, 2019 4:23 pm from Dr. Humphrey to Craig, later fowarded to Barry on Thu, February 6, 2020.



From: Elaine Humphrey <ech@uvic.ca>

Sent: May 10, 2019 4:23 PM

To: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>

Subject: sem today 

Hi Craig. I managed an hour or so on the sem today under my own time to look at the brown rock.I consolidated the files I have on Dropbox into one folder. The May 10 2019 folder is all I took today. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/61ws2yxt92ioddv/AAA93yJU-VzWtYDC6BsfZ4_Oa?dl=0 The iphone pictures show the white spots and the sem pictures do not.The sem pictures with PDBSE in the base line are backscattered images showing the different grains in the rock.The attached and the eds images of the same spot seem to have no correlation at all.

This rock is interesting! I think I may have mentioned this before! 

Best wishes


Ps there was no waiting for the sem to pump down. I’ve returned the rock to the vacuum.


Fri, 17 May 2019 at 00:13

Hi Chandra

I have a client, Craig Ebrahimi, who brought in a meteorite. At first it looked like gabbro but the chemical analysis (by Act labs) proved it to be a meteorite. I understand that he sent you thin sections, outside crust, a piece of the rock with a embryo fossil in a white circle. 

I have a very small sample for sem and eds. Craig suggested that if you have finished with his samples, is it possible to send them to me. Since I will be in the UK at the end of June for a month, I could pick them up.

If you are still working with them, please keep us in the loop.

Many thanks for your help

Best wishes


Dr. Elaine C. Humphrey

Fellow of Microscopy Society of America

Past President Microscopical Society of Canada


 May 20, 2019

Dear Elaine

Unfortunately, the meteorite package was left in a shed near our house and it appears to have been stolen.  I do not have it anymore.

Sorry about this.



Prof. Chandra Wickramasinghe

Honorary Professor University of Buckingham, Buckingham, UK

Honorary Professor University of Ruhuna, Matara, Sri Lanka

Honorary Professor Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, Sri Lanka

Buckingham astrobiology website:  http://www.buckingham.ac.uk/research/bcab

Ruhuna astrobiology website: http://physics.ruh.ac.lk/astrobiology/

Personal website: www.profchandra.org



May 20, 2019 at 1:15:13 PM PDT

From: Chandra Wickramasinghe <ncwick@gmail.com>
Date: May 20, 2019 at 1:15:13 PM PDT
To: Elaine Humphrey <ech@uvic.ca>
Subject: Re: meteorite
Reply-To: ncwick@gmail.com

Hi Elaine

Our house was in chaos after some international travel, so I store all valuable things in an outhouse.  Some months back I discovered that many things including the box with the meteorite had disappeared.  I was waiting to get a colleague to handle the experiments on this but it never happened.

Sorry about this - not my fault.



Prof. Chandra Wickramasinghe


May 20, 2019 1:32 PM

From: Elaine Humphrey <ech@uvic.ca>
Sent: May 20, 2019 1:32 PM
To: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
Subject: Fwd: meteorite

FYI. Sent from my iPhone


Mon, 20 May 2019 at 18:15

 Mon, 20 May 2019 at 18:15, Elaine Humphrey <ech@uvic.ca> wrote:

Hi Chandra

Oh dear, that’s too bad. Did you get any information out of them before they were stolen? If so have you published them?


Sent from my iPhone


JULY 15, 2019*

*The date of the film  is uncertain,

From: Jerzy Sawicki <jasawicki@shaw.ca>
Sent: July 15, 2019 2:54 PM
To: Craig Ebrahimi
Subject: Re: raman


This was a forwarded e-mail originally from someone named George.




From: Karen Ziegler <kziegler@unm.edu>
Sent: September 6, 2019 1:08 PM
To: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
Subject: Oxygen isotope analyses of your rocks
Hi Craig,

No, we can’t do organics here. Sorry.

In terms of oxygen isotopes, definitely neither one of your rocks is martian.

Based only on my results they could be:  lunar (or E-chondrites, but they don’t appear to be chondrites,  D17O values are typical for the moon 

You need to know the mineralogy and the mineral chemistry in order to determine which of these types they could be. Do you have EMPA analyses of the minerals?? Mn/Fe ratios (see attached figure)?

Let me know what you think?



NOVEMBER 17, 2019



…There have been many claims that the occurrence of pandemic influenza and other viral outbreaks is correlated with the well-known 11-year sunspot cycle1–3 although the precise mechanism for such a causative connection had remained unclear…

The next minimum between the current cycle 24 and cycle 25 was predicted to occur between July 2019 and September 2020 (Figure 1). Perhaps, we have now approached the deepest sunspot mini-mum for a century, with more ‘spotless’ days per week than in previous minima. On the basis of this data, there appears to be a prima facie case for expecting new viral strains to emerge over the coming months and so it would be prudent for Public Health Authorities the world over to be vigilant and prepared for any necessary action. We need hardly to be reminded that the spectre of the 1918 devastating influenza pandemic stares us in the face from across a century.


NOTE: 15 days later the first known coronavirus patient (Wei Guixian) starts feeling ill.


DECEMBER 22, 2019

 Craig is interviewed about his meteorites. The link for the show is at https://disclosurechronicles.com/2019/12/22/major-discovery-nasa-test-crystallized-humanoid-in-moon-meteorite-2020-2021/.

This interview shows that Craig (with a 6th grade education) has a poor understanding of science. He claims that the rocks have a lot of uranium and el0ements not from this world.

Craig claims in an interview that there are 16 embryos and that the origin of the rocks is likely the moon, 4 Vesta or beyond. This would appear to contradict a later claim that the non-Martian origin was due to a fight and personality conflict with Dr. Karen Ziegler at the University of New Mexico.

Temperature: Craig says the room is 25 degrees (C) but the rock in one section is 14 degrees (7:13 to 7:17). The embryonic sectionis  6 degrees and it pulses to 12 degrees.(7:20). This seems to contradict a later claim that it was radiation that pulsed. Craig is  largely uneducated. He probably heard something about a pulsation in infrared radiation (heat) given off.

JANUARY 5, 2020

From: Emery Smith <emerysmith28@gmail.com>
Sent: January 5, 2020 10:07 AM
To: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
Cc: Olivia Smith <oliviasmithh33@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: ET EMBRYO Biotechnology

Dear Craig,

Yes I have lots of ideas. We need to get a cat scan of it first and then we can stereotactically under fluoroscopy make a small drill hole, utilizing a Midas REX High Speed Neuro drill, into the meteorite where the being is. We then can extract some particles we can run the DNA test on and any additional test. The procedure should be quite easy with the right tools. I would like to also film the procedure as well and document it. Would you be interested in flying to Colorado to be on my show Cosmic Disclosure on GAIA TV to talk about the find first? All travel and expenses will be paid for. Let me know if this appeals to you. I also am filming a small series called The Beings we could interview you as well for. Regardless I am interested in seeing the specimen in BC and thank you for the invite. I also want to be part of the analyzation team and help in any way possible. I have a film production team as well at your disposal called ZeroCross Productions.


Emery Smith



JANUARY 9, 2020


Saturday Jan 26, 2020, 12:55 PM



from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: "BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>
date: Jan 26, 2020, 12:55 PM
subject: Fw: Extraterrestrial embryo discovered in meteorite UVIC BC

My name Craig Ebrahimi research scientist/ Founder Deviant off world technology 

Barry would you be interested in the research and biotechnology opportunity/   of the only pristine  extraterrestrial embryo on the planet  at the University of Victoria BC.
 JANUARY 28, 2020
Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to:"BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>
date:Jan 28, 2020, 12:08 PM

subject:Fw: #2 HED meteorite with crystallized reptilian

Oxygen isotopes d17 HED Meteorite discovered in Sooke Bc
Raman data supports  Top center grain is a organic reptilian converted to diamond..
JANUARY 28, 2020
Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
to: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
date: Jan 29, 2020, 7:45 PM

subject: Re: Fw: #2 HED meteorite with crystallized reptilian

This claim needs to be substantiated. Please circle which grain you are talking about. On what basis do you use the word REPTILIAN?


 There were 3 attachments for Craig's reptile claim. They are posted on my attachments article at http://arkcode.com/photo_1.html.
February 2, 2020 at 3:59 pm
from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: "BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>
date: Feb 2, 2020, 3:59 PM
subject: The cure for diseases.

Thank you Barry for your insight!

Did you ever think I could be a walking talking prophet that holds the   medicine that will solve world diseases. And Extend human longevity.
Craig Ebrahimi


 This response from Craig was apparently his reaction to seeing his name encoded  in the Torah. Attached to my previous e-mail to him were the matrices at http://arkcode.com/images/eaten_meteorites.png and http://arkcode.com/images/cure_man.png


 February 2, 2020
from: "BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>

Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>

I don't know if you are a prophet, but if you are your primary motivation here will not be profit! However, I found a bit more about you tonight and added to the article at http://arkcode.com/photo5_76.html. See Figure 2. The direct link  is at http://arkcode.com/images/cure_man.png. I'll attach it too.

I will not endorse you until I get answers in writing to my concerns about security. Our military is following this article closely. I will advise them or our Government to consider buying the rock from you, but only if I think the thing is a legitimate security concern. For something this important I don't want to rely on my memory. I need your answers in writing without any exaggeration or hyperbole. 

 Roffman caution to Craig about claims to prophecy. However, it remains unclear who the voice was from that told Craig where to look for the meteorite on the sea floor.



February 3,  2020 @ 11:20 am

Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>

Feb 3, 2020, 11:20 AM


to Barry


I know I hold unimaginable biotechnology to help and advance human kind.

Yes it should be sold to the Institute of disease control in Atlanta or the Whyss institute https://wyss.harvard.edu/  in the control of George Church https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Church_(geneticist) 

2+Years I have been stressing about the pristine extraterrestrial embryo while now 2mm from exposed surface..

We should be meeting and going over the data and then you fly home and put together a report for the sale.

My intentions we,re to help humanity ..


Craig Ebrahimi 

 Craig discusses two possible buyers. 
February 3, 2020 at 1:52 pm 
from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: "BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>
date: Feb 3, 2020, 1:52 PM
subject: answers

The things that I think you mentioned on the phone but that I did not get on paper are as follows:

1. Did you hear a voice that told you exactly where to look? If not, how did you know where to find it.

( Yes)

2. You had no diving experience before being motivated to dive to recover the object.

(The voice was for months drawing me to the ocean so I got my dive ticket and  then recovered  days later.)

3. Did you claim to be able to run 40 km per hour after tasting the thing? In 2009 Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt set the world record in the 100-meter sprint at 9.58 seconds.At a speed of 40 km per hour that would make you faster than Bolt who ran 37.58 kilometers per hour or 23.35 miles per hour.

Many powers mostly with the mind.

4. You mentioned that there was little or no uranium associated with the rock. Were there any radioactive substances found (like thorium, or isotopes of cesium, potassium or iodine)?

Yes there is uranium but non radioactive pure not like the uranium on earth after Chernobyl incident yes there is all these substances and more that only can be created in labs.

We have had ACT labs do the chemistry report I will show you in person .


 Craig claimed to hear a voice that told him exactly where to look for the meteorite. This raises the possibility that the current epidemic is directed by telephathic aliens. Given that on April 12, 2020 we are rapidly approaching 2 million cases worldwide and at least 22 thousand deaths in the U.S. it must be assumed that we are under a hostile biological attack by aliens.  The U.S. Space Force must come up to speed quickly to respond. Frankly, since I know what is going on, the military should call me back to active duty ASAP to help them deal with the threat.  

February 3, 2020 at 2:43 pm

from: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
to: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
date: Feb 3, 2020, 2:43 PM
subject: Re: answers
Thanks Craig,
     I am working on your article now.
1. Aliens communicate with telepathy. Do you think an alien was communicating with you? Have you ever had a UFO encounter or a possible abduction experience?
2. Do you still hear voices?
3. How did you know to contact me?
4. Are you now saying that you have no measured speed increase and that all enhanced effects are mental? Can you name any positive physical changes?
5. All uranium is radioactive, but not all uranium is fissionable. I need to know which isotopes were found before I fly out there. Please look at the chemistry report and tell me what elements and or isotopes are mentioned there.
Thanks again



February 3, 2020 at 4:19 pm

from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: Barry Roffman <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>
date: Feb 3, 2020, 4:19 PM
subject: Re: answers
1. Aliens communicate with telepathy. Do you think an alien was communicating with you? Have you ever had a UFO encounter or a possible abduction experience?
(1) I have  b- blood that is Persian royal b line so do my 2 baby boys and my wife o- I have always been in communication with something 
but humans would classify me as just crazy.So to answer your question I do not believe I was abducted but I have many pictures of a green orb 
that follows myself and family around when you zoom in to the amazingly clear pictures its seems to resemble Ezekiel wheel.
2. Do you still hear voices?
(2) YES
3. How did you know to contact me?
4. Are you now saying that you have no measured speed increase and that all enhanced effects are mental? Can you name any positive physical changes?
5. All uranium is radioactive, but not all uranium is fissionable. I need to know which isotopes were found before I fly out there. Please look at the chemistry report and tell me what elements and or isotopes are mentioned there.


 Craig still hears voices. 

February 3, 2020 at 11:17 pm

from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: "BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>
date: Feb 3, 2020, 11:17 pm

"I have not told you the first scientist to work on this meteorite was Chandra Wickramasinghe. I sent him an Embryo. There are more than one and he emails, Dr Elanin and tells us someone broke into his house and stole my samples,

I have all emails .."

 This is Exhibit A on Figure 1. Dr Elanin is likely a typo that should read Elaine (Humphrey). 


FEBRUARY 4, 2020 11:17am
from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: "BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>
date: Feb 4, 2020, 11:17 AM

Barry you asked about VOICES I would answer that as there not loud yelling voices more like telepathy voices /ideas /direction.

My pictures of the orb WE DID NOT WANT TO MENTION while I will show in person while my children are in the pictures.
Barry to understand the chemistry just read the final report..
This is the ET holding some type of technology!  If you were looking at it in person it looks like it will come out of the rock I have many. Dr Elaine is holding a sample that she is guarding with her life it seems to have  a elongated head I will send pictures when she gives me permission.


 Craig discusses voices that he hears. The full  e-mail has 2 photos attached (black and white and color) of what Craig thinks is a life form.
February 7, 2020 at 11:56 am
From: Elaine Humphrey <ech@uvic.ca>
Sent: February 7, 2020 11:56 AM
To: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
Subject: eds report 2

Hi Craig

Looking through our old data, I notice that several of our spectra show relatively high amounts of iridium. It is interesting to note that this is not consistent over all the surface. Only some of the grains contain iridium


sample b spectrum 2b.doc

shows relatively high amounts of iridium


Best wishes


February 12, 2020 4:38 pm
from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: "BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>
date: Feb 12, 2020, 4:38 PM
subject: Yesterday Sem Data
Barry carefully have look in the Dropbox from data yesterday look at the overlapping of Nitrogen and Carbon 
From: Elaine Humphrey <ech@uvic.ca>

Hi Craig

I put the pictures into a Dropbox so you can look at them.



best wishes


Dr. Elaine C. Humphrey

Fellow of Microscopy Society of America

Past President Microscopical Society of Canada


Advanced Microscopy Facility

Bob Wright Science Centre A015

University of Victoria, Canada

February 12, 2020 @ 6:20 PM
On Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 6:20 PM Craig Ebrahimi
Subject: (Intresting read) My blood b- annunaki

Craig raises the issue of whether he has alien blood.

The article cited includes the following text:

the Nephilim of biblical lore are responsible for Rh-negative blood types. In the Book of Enoch, the Nephilim, also known as the Watchers, descend from the heavens and mate with humans, creating a human-angel hybrid. This group of angels and their offspring were wiped out in the great biblical deluge, though some were said to have survived, leaving the Rh-negative blood distinction.

Another otherworldly theory is that the Anunnaki, the extraterrestrial race that helped establish ancient Mesopotamian civilizations, engineered or crossbred with humans, and that some part of this process created the Rh-negative blood type.

It’s alleged that people with Rh-negative blood have distinct physical features paired with a predilection for psychic phenomena and alien abductions. Some of those features are:

  •      Higher than average IQ
  •      Lower body temperature
  •      Higher blood pressure
  •      Red or reddish hair
  •      Extra vertebrae
  •      Sensitive vision and particular sensitivity to sunlight
  •      Elevated intuition


March 2, 2020

Hello Barry

     I have been advised legally to not give any more data to anyone. But I will say that I have allot of interest from leading international biotechnology company. I am dealing with the Canadian government and CEOs of international space agencies. If this is a hoax I would be charged for fraud. In Canada, what would I gain maybe 3 square meals a day in confinement?

    Your flight from Florida direct is still on the table if you want to see the ET embryo in person before it's sold.

    In response I discussed my relucatant to fly anywhere until the Wuhan cononavirus is under control.

    I also pointed out that no known scientist has concluded that there is in fact an embryo in his meteorite. If they have detected any amino acids I have have not yet seen proof of that either. Later on 3/2/2020 Craig wrote me saying,

"Barry when I receive new data of organic extraction in the UK I will keep you updated.:

  Craig claims to be dealing with the Canadian Government. 
March 10, 2020 6:22 am
From: Burton, Aaron (JSC-XI311) <aaron.burton@nasa.gov>
Sent: March 10, 2020 6:22 AM
To: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
Subject: RE:  organic extraction

Hi Craig,


It doesn’t look like my lab will be functional any time soon. I’ll get the samples sent back to you this week.





 Aaron Burton is a PhD at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. This e-mail shows that he had meteorite samples 

March 15, 2020 10:46 AM

From: Chandra Wickramasinghe <ncwick@gmail.com>
Sent: March 15, 2020 10:46 AM
To: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: longevity vaccine from space

Hello Craig

Yes, I would much like to help I believe you have the cure from space but I don't have the institutional resources available to me.


Personal website: www.profchandra.org

Buckingham astrobiology website: https://www.buckinghtionsam.ac.uk/research/bcab

Ruhuna astrobiology website: http://physics.ruh.ac.lk/astrobiology/

ISPA website: www.ispajapan.com

 This is Exhibit B on Figure 1. 
March 27, 2020 2:31 pm
from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: "BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>
date: Mar 27, 2020, 2:31

CEO  INOVIO JOSEPH KIM  joseph.kim@inovio.com

CEO GENERX joseph Moscato  jgtartuf@optimum.net 

General Mark Milley  mark.milley@gm.com 

DTRUMP   dtrump@trumporg.com

TRUMP JR  djtjr@trumporg.com 

B​ill gates  bill.gates@gatesfoundation.org 

Shinzo abe  abe@saitohome.com
mark esper mark.esper@aia-aerospace.org 

laura potter


List of e-mail adresses sent from Craig to me. I can't yet confirm that he had 2-way contact with any of these people but the first two are pharamceatical companies. He has claimed to be involved in efforts to sell his meteorites to them. Invovia (founded by Bill Gates) announced on April 6, 2020 that it was initiating phase 1 clinical trials of its COVID-19 vaccine and planned its first dose that day.

GENERX is a biospace company that is also working on a vaccine for COVID-19.



Laura Potter is Maj. Gen. Laura A. Potter, Commanding General at

U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence & Fort Huachuca. Fort Huachuca and the UK MOD are now my primary Intel article readers, though I have never had direct contact with Major General Potter.




Apr 2, 2020


Craig Ebrahimi

Apr 2, 2020, 2:54 PM (8 days ago)



to BarrySRoffman@gmail.com



Craig reacts to me finding sensistive information that he didn't realize was on an e-mail trail.

The e-mail was March 15, 2020 10:46 AM. It said

From: Chandra Wickramasinghe <ncwick@gmail.com>
Sent: March 15, 2020 10:46 AM
To: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: longevity vaccine from space

Hello Craig

Yes, I would much like to help I believe you have the cure from space but I don't have the institutional resources available to me.


APR 4, 2020
from: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
to: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
date: Apr 3, 2020, 11:22 AM
mailed-by: gmail.com


Ah, but you did. I have enough from you to see that the thief is almost certainly your "friend" Wickramasinghe in the UK. I don't know if they'll do it, but I'm asking the UK MOD to pick up him for interrogation. I'm pretty sure that he stole your sh*t, sold it to the Chinese lab in Wuhan, and started the current plague. That would make him guilty of infecting over a million people so far and killing at least 54,000 people. This apparent as*hole has destroyed the world economy and taken at least one U.S. aircraft carrier out of service. If he is not guilty then he can start with lie detectors to prove it. If you warn him or discuss this with him that could be seen as collaborating with the enemy. While I cannot be certain, it's wise to assume that my phone is bugged by my Intel friends. Therefore, assume that if you call me to help in the investigation Uncle Sam will hear you and your point of view. In no way should you view the Government here as your enemy. They are trying to keep the Chinese from killing us all.
What is out there is a threat to all humanity. If this guy sold your stuff to Wuhan he may turn out to be one of the biggest killers in history. You do not want to be seen to back him. He had your stuff a long time, did not safeguard your property and did not finish the analysis. It made no sense that you would eat the stuff unless Chandra did a study that showed improved life expectancy in animals.
I have asked you to call me several times. You have chosen to ignore me or send silly stuff, but some of that silly stuff had meaningful e-mail trails (which I am still going through). Frankly, at this time i would just prefer to turn over the investigation to DoD or the UK MOD. Bottom line - at any other time in history this would all be an academic question, but now there is no difference between trying to get the full truth here and trying to find a nuclear bomb buried under one of our cities by the Chinese, North Koreans or (other) crazies.
There is still time for you to come out of this with money, fame and a good place in history. But if you hesitate and try to back your thief buddy your fate will likely be not so good. I am not your average investigator. I can read the Code, I've found you in it, and Wickramasinghe.

Roffman response to Craig's denial and a warning about the possible consequences of not cooperating with DoD or the UK MoD.


EDX = energy-dispersive microanalysis.  See CRISTOBALITE AND HEMATITE PARTICLES IN THE HUMAN BRAIN (By M. Kopani et al., 2016) at http://www.arkcode.com/photo5_76.html for what might b in Craig's brain.


Monday, April 6, 2020 11:37pm


April 7, 2020, 12:52 AM

from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: "BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>
date: Apr 7, 2020, 12:52 AM
Dr. Elaine and I do not like Chandra wick/Naveen Jain lying thief's
 This was after Craig read my appraisal that the thief was likely Wickramasinghe. 



Questions from Roffman to Ebrahimi on April 8, 2020 and his answers to Roffman on the same day.

from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: "BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>
date: Apr 8, 2020, 7:15 PM
subject: Fw: Re: Answered


From: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
Sent: April 8, 2020 6:30 AM
To: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
Cc: davidaroffman@gmail.com <DavidARoffman@gmail.com>
Subject: Re:
OK.I saw the e-mails from the two Docs. I'll work this into the record today. More dates would be helpful.
1. When did you find the rocks?  March 01>06  2018
2,. When did you mail him the sample?  June 19 2018
3. Did You have a copy of the shipping receipt. Yes. SEE FIGURE 3 BELOW.
4. When did he get it? Did he sign for it? Yes
5. Did he report a theft to the police in Sri Lanka? A copy of the police report would help.
The sample was supposedly stolen from his gated community in Cardiff Lisvane
Naven jain was excited immedetly when were in contact then his dad passed away ,after he found out that Chandra had a embryo fossil Chandra flew here to California Cospar MEETING  2018 Chandra & Naveen met  and planned to both fuck me over but they dont what there dealing with.
Then they were stolen from. now they are trying to communicate with me now seed balls.
6. When did he suggest that you taste the sample? Know one told me to eat it . my wife and I ground it up and ate grams of it with bacon eggs .
7. When did you lose your hair?
8. Can you name any pharmaceutical companies involved?
Craig did not answer this directly but on an e-mail from him to me on March 27 at 2:31 pm he mentioned:
CEO  INOVIO JOSEPH KIM  joseph.kim@inovio.com
founded by Bill Gates and
CEO GENERX joseph Moscato  jgtartuf@optimum.net .
9. Do you have any evidence for Chinese involvement?
10. At some point a Covid 19 test will be needed for you and your Victoria partners.
Listen that virus only works on weak humans. Bill gates patent this  corona virus strain in 2013 the documents are available you just gotta dig. All this has been a plan since the 1950s

Naven Jain claims to be a billionaire with the world's largest private collection of meteorites that are worth millions of dollars.

COSPAR = Committee on Space Research.

This is the first time that he said his wife also ate some of the material. Note that he says nothing about her reaction to it. The meaning of seed balls is unclear unless it is a reference to puffball "fungi" seen on Mars. These are discussed in Section 15.3.1 of the Roffman Mars Correct Basic Report.

Some of Craig's ideas seem to be taken based on the Alex Jones Radio Show.

On his show on April 12, 2020 Jones claimed that not only is Obama a communist but that the NIH under Dr. Fauche at Obama's direction supervised experiments in Wuhan on COVID-19.

Craig did not point to any specific plan since the 1950s. I gather that the reference is based on his understand of common conspiracy beliefs.

















 9 APRIL 2020 12:57 PM

from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: "BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>
date: Apr 9, 2020, 12:57 PM
subject: Info wars have good investigative journalist like you! other then alex jones




 Craig's idealogy again seems to be in part taken from infowars and Alex Jones videos.


11 April 2020

This list is first accessed by Fort Huachuca at 11/Apr/2020:18:57:04 MST7MDT.

 Question - Why has  Fort Huachuca's Canadian liaison officer not yet removed the meteorite from the University of Victoria?



13 April 2020

This list is first accessed by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (UK MOD) at 13/Apr/2020:05:43:29 MST7MDT  and was again accessed at 13/Apr/2020:17:51:44.


 Question - Why has UK MOD not yet picked up Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe for intense questioning and/or arrest? 


 20 April 2020
from: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
to: "davidaroffman@gmail.com" <DavidARoffman@gmail.com>
date: Apr 19, 2020, 1:16 PM
subject: New connection between Wickramasinghe and China


Article: Comments on the Origin and Spread of the 2019
Link: https://www.academia.edu/42041228/Comments_on_the_Origin_and_Spread_of_the_2019_Coronavirus
Citation Virol Curr Res
Volume 4:1,2020
DOI: 10.37421/Virol Curr Res.2020.4.109
Authors: N Chandra Wickramasinghe1,2,3,4*, Edward J Steele2,5, Reginald M Gorczynski6, Robert Temple7, Gensuke Tokoro2,4,
Jiangwen Qu8, Daryl H Wallis2,4 and Brig Klyce9
1Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology, University of Buckingham, MK18 1EG, England, UK
2Centre for Astrobiology, University of Ruhuna, Matara, Sri Lanka
3National Institute of Fundamental Studies, Kandy, Sri Lanka
4Institute for the Study of Panspermia and Astroeconomics, Gifu, Japan
5C Y O’Connor, ERADE Village, Foundation, Piara Waters,Perth 6112 WA, Australia
6University Toronto Health Network, Toronto General Hospital, University of Toronto, Canada
7History of Chinese Science and Culture Foundation, Conway Hall, London, UK
8Department of Infectious Disease Control, Tianjin Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Hedong Qu, Tianjin Shi, China
9Astrobiology Research Trust, Memphis, TN, USA
We propose that the new coronavirus which first appeared in the Hubei province of China was probably linked to the arrival of a pure culture of the virus contained in cometary debris that was dispersed over a localised area of the planet namely China. The sighting of a fireball some 2000 kilometers north of Wuhan on 11 October 2019 followed shortly after with the first recorded cases in Hubei is suggestive of a causal link. Gene sequencing data of the virus that show little or no genetic variations between isolates, combined with available epidemiological data point to the predominance of a transmission process directly from an “infected” environment, with person to-person transmission playing a comparatively weaker secondary role. The facts relating to this epidemic are discussed and placed in the context of other pandemics that have been recorded throughout history.

 My son, Dr. David A. Roffman (PhD, physics) wanted to see proof of a connection between Wickramasinghe and China. It is established in the article by Wickramasinghe and (among others) Jiangwen Qu of the Department of Infectious Disease Control, Tianjin Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Hedong Qu, Tianjin Shi, China. Further, there may be an effort by Gensuke Tokoro of Institute for the Study of Panspermia and Astroeconomics, Gifu, Japan to sell any cure developd from Craig's meterorite. Tokoro is president and CEO of Kyoto Biopharma, Inc., and executive director of ISPA. He lives in Japan.   
30 APRIL 2020


Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>



"BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>



Apr 30, 2020, 3:34 PM



Barry the only reason I ever contacted you was regarding David Roffmans website saying if you have problem we can solve it then you start  trying to get me to prove to you all  about my work and getting no respect except fear mongering  bullshit.

We are solving your problem in that we present good evidence that shows Wickramasinhge is not the innocent victim of the theft of your sample while it was in his custody. Rather he is the thief and, with his Chinese partner and the communist Chinese, he shares responsibility for the murder of over 230,000 people as of this date. I told you up front I am a retired military officer with direct contact with U.S. Intelligence and that when you talk to me you talk to U.S. military intelligence. David's website is maintained by me. He does the math. I do the writing.

The first email I sent obviously had nothing to do with the real reason. 

So what was the real reason?

There is picture I sent that is a crystalized ET holding sometype of technology.

You need to specify exactly what you mean by technology. Are you refering to a weapon on the attachment at http://arkcode.com/images/figure_15_-_looks_like_armed_man_running_20180610_140835_(17)(1).jpg ?

When a famous no name US scientist flew to town last August when examined what the ET was holding it pulses the hypothesis is that's what's creating the coldness so I wanted to hire a young energetic new mind David.

Then you should have made this clear. It's the first time that I heard it's pulsing. If that's true this thing may be much more hazardous than I imagined. This rock needs to be analyzed in a U.S. military lab because it has already killed at least 62,603 Americans. We have more deaths than any other nation, and if there is an ET plan to try to conquer our world they will have to defeat the United States first. Reality is that you are either with us or against us. Do you want to take on the United States? We are not playing games here.

Before ever going to UVic I contacted Chandra

That would be consistent with the limited e-mails that I have. although from a geographic point of view it seems odd. Was there someone an intermediary, anyone who introduced you to Chandra?

Then I researched out what needs to be done so hired the labs equipment. And many PhD scientist you do not know far beyond UVic labs

We are going to need the names involved and times of contact because in this is not just a theft investigation. It's likely to be a murder investigation and possibly the cause of a war.

I have told before I have many organic embryo fossils I have 1 around my neck in a necklace.

We need to see photos of clearly distinct embryos.

I now have a Joint Venture you will read about it.

Very powerful name R         r

I need the full name.

Well done on the deuterium content.


I have not told you that I had oxygen done 3 times at different laboratories and 2 said Martian and only Dr Zeigler  data was false from personal reason that I have had with dumb director Carl adgee he garabaged a sample in 2018 I swore at him and some.

You mean Carl Adgee. DoD and UK MOD note this. His contact information is as follows:

Dr. Carl B. Agee

Director, Institute of Meteoritics

Meteorite Curator

Professor, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

MSC03 2050

1 University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Phone: 505-573-5131

Fax: 505-277-3577

Email: agee@unm.edu

  Can you back this with e-mails or reports?

There is global cover up with meteorite institution s there funding get cut allot they are all broke lifer's that do not like the public owning these.

I assume you mean, "There is global cover up with meteorite institution so their funding got cut a lot. They are all broke lifer's that do not like the public owning these."I know about and have written about the cover ups before, but for now the issue is comparing the DNA and or RNA on your samples with current strains of the virus out there. Our survival depends on it.


Good investigative work with China and India.

You mean China and Sri Lanka. India intervened in the Sri Lankan Civil War in 1987. It suffered 1,138 killed and completed its withdraw in 1990.

If you do not understand why I sent you those emails of CEOs and so on 

Maybe you knew at some level that it was the right thing to do. Left unchecked, whatever life form apparently is involved with the meteorite is a threat to all mankind.  So are corrupt people in our government who have worked to impeach a legally-elected President who actually cares about us. It remains to be seen if DoD and UK MOD can be trusted to get this right, but if they do it will be in large part because you gave me critical information to pass onto them here. As for what you should do next I would recommend you taking that embryo off from around your neck and getting me some good photos of it. You need to show at least photographic evidence of multiple embryos. This helps to establish that there has been reproduction rather than a simple geochemical process that produces similar intrusions.

It is also vital that you tells what happened to your wife after she ate some of the rock content. Without this information thousands of people will become infected and doctors will misdiagnose thousands of people -who will then die because you did not tell our doctors what they need to look out for.

Start writing letters to write companies

I'll leave this to our Government/s to do. Although I act like a government's full intelligence agency I'm not. There is an enormous amount of work required here.  I need DoD to do its job.




See Roffman comments in blue fonts inserted in the middle column after Craig's paragraphs.  Note Craig's clarifification that he contacted Dr.  Wichramasing in the UK before Dr. Humphrey who lives and works not too far from Craig in British Colombia.


Also note the new PhD involved with handling the rocks:

Dr. Carl B. Agee

Director, Institute of Meteoritics

Meteorite Curator

Professor, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

MSC03 2050

1 University of New Mexico

 30 APRIL 2020
from: craigebrahimi@hotmail.com
to: barrysroffman@gmail.com
date: Apr 30, 2020, 11:35 PM

 See Figure 22.


1 MAY 12:06 @ 12:06 PM
On Fri, May 1, 2020 at 12:06 PM Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com> wrote:
Barry I have 3 documentary offers
Prometheus entertainment
Ancient aliens
And some
Will not 
My Rockefeller partners would not approve.
I will send you a picture when the laboratories
My wife she had two extremely healthy boys.
 Rockefeller partners involved  
 1 MAY 2020 @ 1:36 PM
From: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
Sent: May 1, 2020 1:36 PM
To: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Re:
My hair has been shaved #2 since teens .
Must be a  coincidence.
I'll find one and send you.
 On hair length and resemblance to man-like alien in Prometheus 
1 May 2020 @ 7:28 PM and response from Barry Roffman 3 May 2020 @ 12:02 AM


Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>



"BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>



May 1, 2020, 7:28 PM


Di ribose increases stamina in my research I found it pure in my meteorite sample so. Enhance performance is a side effect.

from: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
to: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
cc: "davidaroffman@gmail.com" <DavidARoffman@gmail.com>
date: May 3, 2020, 12:02 AM

Thanks Craig

     I may not be working for you directly but you are keeping me very busy. By Di ribose I think you mean D-ribose. It's also called ribose or Beta-D-ribofuranose, It's a type of sugar that your body produces naturally and is readily available in supplement form. This is an organic molecule with great significance.

  1. Who told you this is in the rock?
  2. How was it separated out and what dose (milligrams or grams) do you take daily?
  3. Whether you ate one or merely wear it around you neck it may be able to control or affect your thoughts. If you ate it, it may be a parasite. It's that's the case, then like other parasites, if it reproduces inside a host and the host poops, the parasite can be put out into the environment that way. The only way to know if this is happening with you is for you to get s stool test.

Best regards,


 Craig names organic chemical in the rock that he claims gave him extra strength after eating it.  
 3 May 2020 @ 12:24 am
from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: "barrysroffman@gmail.com" <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
date: May 3, 2020, 12:24 AM

Barry I have had the organics extracted and analyzed in UK not Chandra.

But well known for meteorite organics analysis
His data and lab were shutdown Dec 2019
I was informed on just a little bit Aminos and sometype of Protein they discovered but the  data has suppressed But I will arrange again.
Who suppressed the data?
No I have not Extracted any out of samples to eat come on guy.

D-ribose response


Someone suppressed organic chem data.


 See attachment with Figure 21.



MAY 3, 2020 @ 2:34 PM
from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
date: May 3, 2020, 2:34 PM
subject: Re: Time of photo with the Porche
I took that picture 20 mins before I sent you
After I ran 25 km and haven't ate in days.
The research will be conducted in US soon.


 Timing of photo with his Porche.
from: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
to: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
date: May 3, 2020, 7:36 PM


from: craigebrahimi@hotmail.com
to: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
date: May 3, 2020, 8:19 PM
subject: Re: Extraterrestrial ribose and other sugars in primitive meteorites | PNAS


The ribose article (https://www.pnas.org/content/116/49/24440) was published when your sample was in China, but also when the Japanese Pharma CEO likely had access. I'll see if I can find a connection.
Chandra is a honorary professor with jaxa, Japan.
The ribose in the meteorite is to the embryos as yolk in an egg is to the embryo in it. The article is a great find that does much to increase your case. But to close the loop we need something in writing about ribose being in your rocks.
The science data I do not have access to because of lack trust with me. And their data is their's. And I would be a complete idiot to have their names mentioned.
EARLIER E-MAILS TODAY. Think quantitative, How fast do you run 25 km? The world record  is 1:11:18.
My trail run s are intense alot of hills
Yes when running flat course easy peasy be able to keep close to 5 min miles but eluid destroyed the record.2019 
Did your wife's strength and speed also increase? I 'm glad that she had 2 healthy babies but it's important to know if what she ate caused any unpleasant or unusual side effects.
She never had any negative side effects we will not comment on her.
David thinks you look like you're about 38 in 2020, around 50 back in 2016. I agree but with the sun glasses it's hard to get an accurate estimate.
I asked David about the pulsation. He wants to see pictures (IPhone) or video if you have any. Are you talking about light  pulsation? How long did this go on and was there any pattern to it?
Geiger meter cold pulse.
It sounds like it could be some kind of communication.
My typos mistakes are because of emailing with one hand using cell phone and baby 1 year old boy in other hand.



Geiger meter cold pulse and Dr. Jerzi Sawicki.   
May 4, 2020 @ 11:59 PM
from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: "barrysroffman@gmail.com" <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
date: May 4, 2020, 11:59 PM
Elon's pist with me because... (I've have censored the reason)
My embryo in my necklace I'll send ya picture but it's hard to make out unless using the labs LM 
The 🐍. Like structure is so visible in br it looks like it's gonna jump out of the rock everyone and anyone can make it out
One day it will come to you. Top right curled with tail with spikes really amazing when looking through AMF LAB equipment on the big screen.


br refers to one of his meteorite samples.


 .          =;  192,19.231.250=;


Figure 1 - Photos of the meteorite and remarks by Dr. Elaine Humprey at the University of Victoria on Canada.







MAY 4, 2020@12:04 AM

from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: "barrysroffman@gmail.com" <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
date: May 4, 2020, 12:04 AM
subject: Re: Extraterrestrial ribose and other sugars in primitive meteorites | PNAS
The instrument US scientist used I have been looking for notes what it was called. I will contact him.
The Geiger meter was when Dr. Jerzy was involved. He is Polish senior that went absolutely crazy with this project. He would never sleep and started drinking vodka we had a falling out when he randomly asked me for a $100,000 immediately when he heard I was meeting with Elon.

Geiger meter cold pulse and Dr. Jerzi Swicki who demanded $100,000 afterhearing about a meeting with Elon Musk.

For a meeting time with Elon see https://beta.ctvnews.ca/local/vancouver-island/2019/8/6/1_4539087.html.

If they met (not yet proven) I would bet that Musk wants to buy the meteorites and silence Craig because one meteorite might be Martian in origin. If it is, the known  presence of pathogens on Mars would not be  helpful to the Musk goal of living and dying on Mars. It would likely destroy funds raising capabilities. The presence of primitive life on Mars is supported in the Journal of Astrobiology  by Rhawn of Gabriel et al. (2019, Evidence of Life on Mars?), and proven in the same Journal by David and Barry Roffman (Meteorological Implications: Evidence of Life on Mars?)

 MAY 4, 2020 @ 1:23 pm
from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: "BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>
date: May 4, 2020, 1:23 PM




 No text explaining the significance of these e-mails for this case.
 MAY 4, 2020 @ 11:37 PM
from: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
to: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
date: May 4, 2020, 11:37 P


Details? I found a new matrix with axis term LIVE ALIEN EMBRYO at the same skip a WUHAN and a lot more. See http://arkcode.com/custom3_555.html. Frankly, the Code reads a lot like an alien language and I sometimes feel like knowing what termto search for first (as with LIVE ALIEN EMBRYO) while not telepathy as far as I know is still something like it at times. Although, in part due to the new matrix, I think you have the real deal, I'm still bound by the scientific method which requires proof and everything examined up close. David has asked to see a close up (shot with your I-phone) of the embryo on the chain around your neck (assuming that it's not the same embryo seen repeatedly before). If it is the same embryo then we would like to see at least one more. There was a report today that we can expect 3,000 deaths pert day by June.  This is not going away. It threatens to turn into an Extinction Level Event (ELE).
As for the e-mails above if you can't offer any text written by them, did you get a picture with Musk or Shotwell?
Best regards,'


Warning that we are dealing with a possible E.L.E. (Extinction Level Even). Request for clarification on e-mail addresses.

MAY 5, 2020 @ 12:04 AM


from: craigebrahimi@hotmail.com
to: barrysroffman@gmail.com
date: May 5, 2020, 12:04 AM
subject: Owen Wilson and Elon Musk sightings have small Vancouver Island town buzzing

This link to Musk’s trip to Craig’s are came without comments.

 MAY 5, 2020 @ 10:33 AM
from: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
to: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
date: May 5, 2020, 10:33 AM
subject: Re: Owen Wilson and Elon Musk sightings have small Vancouver Island town buzzing
That puts you about 19 km apart, but did you meet with him and get any photos? Because he launches his rockets from our town and because he owns condos where I live at the Shorewood Condo, he is often in the area but I have only met his launch director (who lives here) so far. But I have not yet met the big guy, and my friends who work at or with SpaceX have rarely seen him, and then only in a crowded room. President Trump often gets annoyed because he poses for photos with lots of people but knows almost none of them. They often claim all kinds of bizarre things about him and it's all fake news.
Likewise, if you put out blank info like just an e-mail address that has no information with (it), that decreases credibility.
I have seen no e-mails between Wickramasinghe receiving your samples and him telling Humphrey that they were stolen. Were their any e-mails then (June 2018 to May 2019)? When did you first speak to Humphrey and when did she  take possession of the rocks?


Roffman warning to Ebrahimi about sending links without explanation
 MAY 5, 2020 @ 12:35 AM
from: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
to: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
date: May 5, 2020, 12:35 AM
to Craig
I can work with you and still get the info where it needs to go. But we are talking about putting 3,000 Americans in a trunk every day by June 1. The new estimate for U.S. dead by August is up from 60,000 to about 135,000. WE ARE AT WAR - AND THAT INCLUDES ME. I would not be surprised to learn that China has a price on my head. I am a military man. Threats go with the territory. As for UK folks, they have at last count 28,734 dead from this. Canada even has 3,854 dead from it.The world? 251,355 dead. What started out as a busy (business) deal now may determine what happens to the human race. That was expressed as my  concern as soon as I learned the nature of what you found.
Elaine Humphrey plainly lied to me by downplaying the embryo as a trick on the eyes. There is no doubt that everyone involved knows what you have (or rather what she has stored for you in a vacuum). However, I realize that for now the rock/s need safe storage. Give me what (you) can, but remember that DoD and UK MoD read every e-mail. They understand that Wickramasinghe stole your stuff, but eventually who gets charged will be based on who was cooperative and who was not. As for grabbing Wickramasinghe we need to know if he is still in the UK, Sri Lanka, China, or perhaps Japan. But the primary responsibility for answering that question goes to UK MoD so unless you know something about it, you don't need to worry about it.
I know nothing about Shotwell other than where she works and the fact that she is rated the the 55th most powerful woman in the U.S. I would assume that Musk knows about my Mars research, but I'm not certain. That David and I can prove there is primitive life on Mars means that we know that it is not safe yet to land there and bring back any samples. Musk's dream is to live and die on Mars, He would likely prefer to squash any news of primitive life in space and especially on Mars assuming that Mars is the origin of your meteorite. If he is talking to you it's either to see if you are credible or to buy out what you have and destroy it lest it snuff out your (his) dream. You spoke to the guy? What are your thoughts?
MAY 9,  2020 @ 10:51 AM


Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>


"BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>


May 9, 2020, 10:51 AM


False info

Barry just for the record.
You are publishing false information.
Regarding Mr. Musk.

Dr. Elaine (Humphrey) e-mailed CEO Gwynne Shotwell (SpaceX CEO) with an invite. We had a response from her assistant saying she would contact us when she was available. Never did.
I passed the message to Dr. Jerzy (Sawicki) who got mixed up thinking Elon was meeting us.

We have never contacted Musk. And then he was 20 mins away it would have been beneficial to meet but never happened. Elaine could have contacted him but she was busy at a conference in the UK. IF you would like to email him I could send you his real contacts.




 MAY 9, 2020 @ 9:19 PM
from: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
to: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
date: May 9, 2020, 9:19 PM
subject: Re: False info


I will correct the record immediately. I thought your had said earlier that you met with Elon. The link you sent to the news report of Elon in your area with no explanation seemed to point to such a meeting. So did Jerzy's demand.

Did you have any contact with Gates?

I also need a clarification of the role of the Rockefellers.* 

I don't want to talk to Musk unless I have all the facts correct.



*I asked this question because someone (Matthew Wilson) associated with the Rockefellers tried to recruit me for the Thule Society in 2013.

His motivation was not clear but here is what survives in my records (just the e-mail address and the 500-page attachment: Behold A PALE HORSE.

from:  Matthew Wilson <matthewwilson888@gmail.com>

to:  Barry Roffman <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>

date:  Apr 13, 2014, 7:37 PM

Note: I have only briefly skimmed through the above book for the first time on May 11, 2020. Briefly it reads like an encyclopedia of every conspiracy theory that's out there, including Satan behind major religions and Army Intelligence, the Illuminati and powerful people working to reduce global population and to effectively have one world government with a combination of people and aliens in control. The book talks about pandemics engineered to reduce world population. Fort Huachuca was not mentioned. Fort Deitrick was. There are lots of charges, but it wiuld take a long ling time to through what is pur forward as the evidence. With respect to the Rockefellers the book mention that they have a branch back in the Kremlin. By coincidence as I read it Presdident Trump was spaeking in the background. I think I heard him say that the Rockefellers donated 3,000,000 test kits to fight COVID-19.





Note to my readers at DOD/UK MOD. The last e-mail leaves out additional questions that Craig was reluctant to discuss in the past. It also leaves out issues pertaining to safety. Craig has not always been truthful to me. We have two different agendas. His is largely to make business deals involving millions or billions of dollars. My agenda is to help stop the pandemic. What Craig specifically wrote to me on May 4, 2020 about Dr. Sawicki was "we had a falling out when he randomly asked me for a $100,000 immediately when he heard I was meeting with Elon." Craig's e-mail did not make mention that no such meeting occurred. Further, as the local news coverage made note of is that they had no knowledge of why Musk was up there. As for relations between Elon and Craig, On May 4, 2020 Craig me wrote to me that "Elon's pist with me because... (I've have censored the reason, but Elon does like his privacy)."

Further, on April 30, 2020 at 3:34 PM Craig wrote, "

There is picture I sent that is a crystalized ET holding sometype of technology.

UPDATE ON  MAY 19, 2020: When a famous no name US scientist flew to town last August when examined what the ET was holding it pulses the hypothesis is that's what's creating the coldness so I wanted to hire a young energetic new mind David.

Here Craig does not name Elon but the only known famous scientist who flew into his area last August 6 was Elon Musk. We should try to conform Wickramasinghe's location then.






What can you believe? Not what anyone else says. Believe your own eyes. Get off your butts and inspect the rock being stored under a vacuum at the University of Victoria. Procure whatever sample/s you can with what looks like an embryo in it. Then publish the honest results, or allow my son and I to do so in a prominent astrobiology journal. If the source of COVID-19 is indeed Craig's rock, our scientists will need to compare forms of the virus now with the original. Hesitate to establish this link and you will likely kill tens of thousands of people.

 MAY 19, 2020 @ 1:46 PM
from: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
to: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>,
"davidaroffman@gmail.com" <DavidARoffman@gmail.com>
date: May 19, 2020, 1:46 PM


Hello Craig. Normally radioactive substances decay at a non-variable decay rate in accordance with their half lives.. Pulsation is hard to understand unless the following conditions are in effect:.
1. The object emitting radiation is small, perhaps bacteria-like in size or smaller.
2. The  object emitting is capable of a very small, but non-zero degree of movement.
3. There are components in the rock that are of higher density than the surrounding medium. This would allow the life form to migrate behind the "shield." thus causing a decrease in radiation seen/heard at the Geiger counter. In particular, in addition to lead, I'm interested in tin (Sn), antimony (Sb), tungsten (W),and Bismuth (Bi).
4. If the "rock" has a higher quantity of D-ribose (density = 1.5±0.1 g/cm3) which is not that high (pure water = 1  g/cm3 at 4 degrees C) then the life-form (or perhaps the embryo) could eat its way through the meteorite thus generating variation in the shielding effect.
     If you can get me a recording of the pulsation we can see if the length of time between pulses or variation in it might be related to the size of the source and/or size of the barrier medium. We can get a better idea of what's going in by putting the recording on an oscilloscope where David works.
     What is very important to determine here is if the pulsation has a non-random pattern to it that might constitute a signal. I am very good at breaking codes. If one is there I will likely be  able to decipher it. Because of the possibility of a threat warning, this is important to our planet.
      With regards to Elon on the description of the pulsation you wrote: When a famous no name US scientist flew to town last August when examined what the ET was holding it pulses the hypothesis is that's what's creating the coldness so I wanted to hire a young energetic new mind David. We know that Elon was close enough to meet you on August 6. If not him then we need to know who the famous scientist was.Disinformation is part of every plan that I write.My bet is that you in fact did meet with Musk, but can't confirm it because Elon wants privacy.
      A word about privacy. As you know by now, my first interest in what you have relates to the bio-hazard issue. By now I'd be surprised to learn that you could fart and not have it registered at Fort Huachuca and UK MOD. Ditto with everyone else associated with this case including  me and anyone who might seek to harm me. I have fulfilled my patriotic duty by informing intel agencies at least here and in the UK. I have made my recommendations for actions required. If they do what I ask (nab Wickramasinghe and inspect your meteorite) then we may be done.      
       Knowing that DOD and MOD reading everything that  write (including this e-mail) I will tell you (and them) that for me to continue on as I have done will require DOD to hand me a commission as a Colonel in the Space Force. If that doesn't happen then I would like a role in planning for Musk's missions to Mars. But I think they should be one way, the way the old Mars One organization planned for. We know there IS life on Mars. We do not want to bring it back here to contaminate Earth any more,
       Last question for today - to get enough D-ribose to make any change in physiology looks like taking an enormous number of pills (or powder). Just like President Trump is testing hydroxychloroquine on his own body, I'm considering testing D-ribose on mine but you haven't given any information about doses you take. Can you say anything about that?
Best regards.


Discussion of radiation pulsation in the meteorite.

NOTE: On June 16, 2020 I first listened to a talk radio interview of Ebrahimi conducted back on December 19, 2019.  In it he descrived what is fluctuating in the rock as temperature.

Craig says the room is 25 degrees (C) but the rock in one section is 14 degrees (7:13 to 7:17). The embryonic section is  6 degrees and it pulses to 12 degrees.(7:20). This seems to contradict a later claim that it was radiation that pulsed. He probably heard that there is a fluctiation in infrared radiation given off by the rock. The link for the show is at https://disclosurechronicles.com/2019/12/22/major-discovery-nasa-test-crystallized-humanoid-in-moon-meteorite-2020-2021/.

Sent to Dr. Elaine Humphrey on June 7, 2020.


reply-to: CENSORED

to: David Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>

date: Jun 5, 2020, 10:23 AM

subject: Invitation to review for CENSORED

Dear Dr. (David) Roffman,

I would like to invite you to review the above referenced manuscript, as I believe it falls within your expertise and interest. The abstract for this manuscript is included below.


There is no conclusive proof of current or past life on Mars. However, there is considerable evidence based on Martian meteors ... regions of Mars ... may be inhabited by methanogens and oxygen producing organisms such as algae/cyanobacteria and lichens that may be responsible for the significant increases in Martian atmospheric oxygen and methane during the spring and summer

David and I have begun on the review which hopefully also results in an invitation to publish our commentary. As you may perceive from the extract above the life forms mentioned makes no reference to viruses.  My son and I published jointly about Mars as is evident from our 1,200 page paper published by the Mars Society at http://www.marspapers.org/paper/Roffman_2020.contrib.pdf. The Journal of Astrobiology only listed David as the author of another article at http://journalofastrobiology.com/Mars18.html , because he has the doctorate, but I wrote (most of) the article and I listed myself in the acknowledgments section.

As you know, while everyone else involved seemed to have money only on their minds with the main meteorite, from day 1 (January 26, 2020) when I became involved my concern was over the possibility of a pandemic. We did not have one then, but we certainly do now. Chandra (Wickramasinghe) wrote you about the theft of the sample, but I am damn sure that he himself is the thief and that he worked with Jiangwen Qu and the Chinese Government to analyze it, weaponize it and distribute it to its primary targets, especially in the U.S. which now leads the world in deaths ( 112,054 ) as of June 8, 2020. Chandra and Jiangwen Qu published a prediction of a pandemic to arrive within a few months on November 25, 2019, only 15 days before it hit Wuham. I document all this in detail on my Arkcode.com website for two primary readers here many times each day (DoD at Fort Huachuca and the UK MOD).

I have asked UK MOD to pick up Wickramasinghe for questions if he returns to the UK from Sri Lanca, China or wherever he might be now - possibly with a Japanese CEO of Kyoto Biopharma - Gensuke Tokoro (who is also Director of the Institute for the Study of Panspermia and Astroeconomics, Gifu, Japan). The MOD doesn't talk to me directly, they just read me constantly without attempting to hide their identity.

Now, besides nabbing Chandra (IF he passed on the virus to China and it's the same virus as COVID-19) for mass murder, there is the question of how you really fit in with all this. I assume that you are a victim of Chandra, but I'm still missing a lot of the data. According to Craig there were 3 tests for the origin of the meteorite. Two said it was from Mars and one said no  - it was likely lunar or from 4 Vesta. If it is from Mars this has enormous consequences

I would like to work your comments into our review for the new paper about how the temperature properties and in particular the condensation issue may indicate a virus. We will want to discuss the oxygen 17 /18) question. Our review will not discuss legal issues, but obviously whatever you write will be tracked by the intel agencies involved. Failure to respond will also be noted on the e-mail record. So this is a chance to spin the issue as you like and to separate yourself and Dr. Sawiki from Chandra.

Please call me with your answers, if any.

Best regards,

Barry S. Roffman


Request for more information from Humphrey to help write a paper about viruses on Mars.
Sent from Dr. Elaine Humphrey on June 15, 2020 at 11:30 AM Pacific Time) and answered by Barry Roffman at 10:30 PM Eastern Time (7:30 PM Pacific Time).
from: Elaine Humphrey <ech@uvic.ca>
to: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
cc: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
date: Jun 15, 2020, 11:30 AM
subject: meteorite
mailed-by: uvic.ca

Dear Mr Roffman

Please do not use my name in any publication or blog.

I do not support any claims you are making about the meteorite and Covid19.


Elaine Humphrey


Dr. Elaine C. Humphrey

Fellow of Microscopy Society of America

Past President Microscopical Society of Canada

Advanced Microscopy Facility

Bob Wright Science Centre A015

University of Victoria, Canada

Lab: 250-853-3968

cell: 250-886-2068



from: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
to: Elaine Humphrey <ech@uvic.ca>
cc: "davidaroffman@gmail.com" <DavidARoffman@gmail.com>
date: Jun 15, 2020, 10:13 PM
subject: Re: meteorite

Dr. Humphrey,

       Thanks for writing.

       You cannot escape your history. I have not issued an accusation against you, but I cannot ignore that as of tonight there are 118,002 dead Americans (more than we lost in the Vietnam and Korean wars combined), 41,737 Brits, and another 8,175 Canadians. In all the, rock under your care may have killed 435,619 people. So the word "please" lacks the punch needed to answer the concerns that are indeed quite serious. Craig accidentally attached a bit too much information to allow me to forget what I have seen and sent off to our Defense Department. In fact, if all correct and acted upon, it could result in World War III unless you start seriously answering a lot of major questions. Now, having said this I want to be perfectly clear. Whatever is on my site is in your power to take down if you can refute it with evidence. The longer you go without supplying real answers the guiltier you appear. You can start with helping me to get the PowerPoint attached corrected. That will take a date that you first became involved. Craig makes it sound like he contacted Chandra before you. This needs to be clarified. Did you write a letter of introduction first?

      There are two ways to peacefully resolve the issue at hand. I have asked the UK MOD to pick up Wickramasinghe for questions if he is back in the UK. If he is in Sri Lanka there is always the British Embassy where he can answer their questions (if they have any). The second way is to turn over investigation of the concern here to the Canadian Government or to show that in some way it is under their control. What is really needed is a comparison of any DNA or RNA in the rocks with the structure of COVID-19.

        On the subject of a potential “embryo” you pointed to pareidolia in the Superstitious Times interview, but in your email to Chandra on May 17, 2019 at 00:13 you wrote, “I understand that he sent you thin samples, outside crust, a piece of the rock with a embryo in a white circle.” There, as one scientist to another, you made no attempt to question that it is indeed an embryo.

       I have taken two actions to bring this matter to the attention of the Canadian. In addition to my constant pleads that the Canadian liaison officer at the U.S. Army Fort Huachuca Intelligence Base contact you, and just before you wrote me today I called the police in Victoria today to ask them to contact you about giving your Government access to what you have. While they wanted me to call my local police in Cape Canaveral, I told them that that was a ridiculous answer. Hopefully I convinced them that this was their responsibility for reasons of sovereignty and proximity. I wrote to Jerzy to try to get some answers out of him. Craig told me that three tests were conducted to determine the origin of the rock. Jerzy said Mars, the meteorite institute said the moon, and I heard nothing about a third test indicating Mars or 4 Vesta.

       When I first spoke to Craig, and to you too, I told you both that in addition to my Mars research, I constantly pass on all aspects of my Codes research to U.S. Intelligence at Fort Huachuca. They monitor every word I say or write now for nearly 5 years. I only caught the UK MOD here about a year ago, but along other I{ addresses they actually dare to use my reverse IP.

       Now, the good news is that I am not a reporter working for some news outlet. Nor am I in this to make money. If, as Wickramasinghe wrote to Craig on March 15, 2020 at 10:46 am, “I believe you have the cure from space,” then I have no problem with you all getting rich: UNLESS your plan is to drag out release of the cure at the cost of hundreds of thousands dead so you can become what Craig called himself on his Linked in site a few days ago, “The Trillion Dollar Man.”

      While you all try to figure out how to play this gift from space right, my country is dying. We have lost not only so many people, but trillions of dollars and about a quarter of our jobs. We have also lost much of our freedom. We can’t even go to a movie yet, and when that right returns we will likely have tens of thousands of dead to add to the price of a ticket. We have lost sports, access to a safe food supply, and the ability of young people to visit their grandparents. Our nursing homes are death traps, and tensions of millions of people trapped for too long in their homes threatens to help our people explode in a civil war.

       You will notice that I have not given this story yet to the mass media, though someone who heard me on a little followed radio program offered to help me get an HBO Documentary movie about all this. I would assume that Craig and you would be stars on the show, but I won’t take the offer seriously without a contract, and if I am offered one I will not accept it without specific permission from U.S. military intelligence.

      In short, I have one primary goal – shut down this virus – period. If you can prove that what you have is not related to COVID-19 then I will publish it word for word. But that’s not going to happen unless we pair up. Should we do so I will make every attempt to preserve the financial interest of you, Craig, Jerzy or anyone who is not guilty.  But if not it is impossible for me to believe that Chandra and his Chinese partner Jiangwen Qu are not guilty as hell of taking the virus from his home or from your lab and inserting it into a Chinese war plan aimed at taking down the free world.

       My home phone is (321) 613-2639. My cell phone is (321) 474-8397 or you can use (321) 795-1926.

     Have a nice night.

Barry S. Roffman, Lieutenant, United States Coast Guard-retired.


Request from Dr. Humphrey to remove her name from the record and my reasons for not doing so at least until she answers vital questions.


The PowerPoint that I ask her to help correct is at http://arkcode.com/15 JUNE 2020 PP FOR EBRAHIMI%20 VIRAL METEORITE.pdf.

JUNE 26, 2020 FROM Dr. Sawicki to Barry Roffman


from: Jerzy Sawicki <jasawicki@shaw.ca>
to: barrysroffman@gmail.com
date: Jun 26, 2020, 4:50 AM
subject: notes from Jerzy Sawicki, a retired volunteer physicist


Dear Mr. Roffman,

I received your email with two attachments yesterday from Dr. Elaine Humphrey, but no letter from you to me directly as yet.

I was involved in examinations of Mr. Craig’s two finds only in between March and July last year, but quite intensely and reading a lot of relevant literature.

As a retired nuclear physicist and also a student of astronomy many years ago I was very interested in studying a little bit of today’s meteoritics.

I used my Mossbauer spectrometer to examine iron minerals in several small samples from these two finds, mostly the large one. As you certainly know miniature Mossbauer spectrometers have been already quite successfully used on Mars.
My results showed magnetite in the crust of one Craig’s find, that could be related to fusion crust, and I tried to depth-profile it.

The samples also showed perovskites like often found in meteorites, but also in basalts. I also tried to interpret the Raman spectroscopy and XRD results. When comparing my results with the literature I felt that its Martian origin could not be excluded. However, after a lot of work I realized that I wouldn’t be able to definitely say “yes” as may often happen in similar situations.

The rocks were found by Craig in the Sooke Basin where the last glaciation period left also many things at the bottom of the Juan de Fucca channel. There are also three large volcanic mountains nearby, Baker, Helen and Rainier from where the basalt bombs could have originated.

Craig is a very able and keen person, but not a research scientist or graduate...

But, his focus on “embryos” in these rocks is ... troublesome. Because, as it seems, no remnants of life were found in meteorites thus far.


On request of Craig, I wrote letters of introduction to Dr. Karen Ziegler in New Mexico and Dr. Aaron Burton at Nasa in Houston.
Dr. Ziegler offered some help but Dr. Burton didn’t respond to me.

I tried to bring it to attention of him in NASA, but they have very many meteorite finds to analyze from sterile conditions in the Antarctic.
As I understand the findings from the sea bottom and mud are quite difficult to apprehend (comprehend?)

I think that the contacts with Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe were arranged by Craig and samples send to him earlier than to U of Victoria.
I only know that Chandra is a prominent scientist, a student and long-time collaborator of famous Fred Hoyle, the astrophysicist who negated big-bang.

They together proposed the concept of panspermia and dr Chandra is fully involved in promoting it even now.
But you and your son David certainly know more about this idea.

Please understand that my main topic of studies now are zirconium alloys used in nuclear reactors and not the meteorites.

I was very impressed to see how the science of meteoritics has expanded and would be happy to help, if possible.

I hope that my notes will answer some of your questions.

The possibility of earth and humans being infected from space is frightening and cannot be neglected.


Jerzy (George) Sawicki


1. His uncertainty about the Martian origin of the main meterorite is due to likely contamination while the rock was on sea floor.

2. While he had not seen anything biological on the rock, he only had access to small slice of it, and not after he quit the project on August 10, 2019. He had requested a large amount of money from Elon Musk, but was turned down. The  money was necessary for cobalt 57. He also mentioned the need for iron 55 which only  lasts for a year or two. His studies required replacement of the money for isotopes every two years. His work at the University of Victoria was only a volunteer basis and he had no expense account. 

3. Dr. Sawicki is approaching his 80th birthday. He does not have a friendly relationship with Craig, but would take on the project fulltime for one million dollars although he seems to see Craig as a very intimidating guy. Craig has, at times, tried to act that way toward me, but I don't tolerate it, however it's 3,280 miles from where I live to where Craig lives in Sooke, Canada and there's a border separating us. It's less than a hour drive to get from where Dr. Sawicki lives to Sooke.

4. Sawicki only got a good look at the main embryo-like quartz intrusion. Craig claims that there are 16 such intrusions, but the photgraphic record is all that Sawicki saw an it is not strong.

5 (UPDATE ON AUGUST 13, 2020). Dr. Sawicki repeatedly expressed concern about a viral threat from space. He has taken the ferry from Victoria to Seattle but not since October 22 to 24, 2017. The Kirkland area of Seattle is where COVID-19  first causes a death spike in the U.S.).  While a sample of the rock is at the University of Victoria, Craig keeps the main rock with him someplace in the Sooke, BC area. It is NOT stored in a vacuum, nor is there any effort made to maintain a sterile field around it. While it is not normally necessary to maintain a sterile field around a meteorite, Dr. Sawicki agrees with me that there is a potential that the meteorite is infected because of its very cold temperature and its temperature variations with water condensing on the main rock when it has been at room temperatures for months.


I am asking Dr. Sawicki to look into whether anyone else from the University both had access to the meteorite and took the ferry to Seattle during the critical time period around late 2019 to early 2020.

JULY 9, 2020 Chandra Wickramasinghe to Craig plus July 9, 2020 Steele to Wickramasinghe.
From: Chandra Wickramasinghe <ncwick@gmail.com>
Sent: July 9, 2020 4:23 AM
To: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
Subject: Fwd: Barry S Roffman ?
I am baffled by this accusation.  No doubt the information could only have come from you.
Prof Chandra Wickramasinghe

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Ted Steele <e.j.steele@bigpond.com>
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2020 at 00:23
Subject: Barry S Roffman ?
To: Chandra Wickramasinghe <ncwick@gmail.com>

Dear Chandra:


Here is the text of a weird email I have just received from a one “Barry S Roffman”. I normally respond to the occasional comment but this is quite crazy and a bit unhinged.

I suspect that the real source of the virus was a meteorite that fell just off Sooke Bay, BC, Canada. A sample of it was mailed to Dr. Wickramasinghe by Craig Ebrahimi on June 19, 2018. The meteorite was displaying signs of viral activity according to Dr. Elaine Humphrey. It was very cold to the touch after months at room temperature, even pulsating cold with condensation. By October 2018 Chandra and Qu had published their first prediction, on November 25, 2019 the prediction was issued again and fulfilled 15 days later BUT Chandra told Dr. Humphrey on May 20, 2019 that Craig's sample was stolen from his home in Sri Lanka. Bullshit. I think that Chandra stole or shared the sample with Qu and company. More, there is a good chance that since the rock was in China for about a year and a half after Chandra claimed it was stolen, you guys or some of you deliberately placed the virus on board into the hands of the Chinese Army and they attacked the world with it. Be aware, the U.S. DOD and UK MOD have all the evidence. If you have the cure for COVID-19 you damn sure need to get it out to the world fast, lest you get accused of mass murder. Have a nice day.


From Barry S Roffman left on my Academia.edu site as 8 July 2020




Edward J Steele PhD


Life Fellow, CYO Foundation, Piara Waters, 6112


Research Associate


Melville Analytics Pty Ltd, 

Level 2, 517 Flinders Lane, 

Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia 

email:  e.j.steele@bigpond.com


Edward J Steele PhD


Immunomics (ABN 68 385 770 045 )

Unit 14, 35A Grandview Grove,

Prahran, 3181, Melbourne, VIC Australia 

email:  e.j.steele@bigpond.com



From: Craig Ebrahimi
Sent: July 12, 2020 11:26 AM
To: Ncwick@gmail.com <Ncwick@gmail.com>
Subject: Police report non existent says local Cardiff authority

Dear Chandra

After receiving your emails to Dr Elaine Stating my family's scientific treasure samples have been stolen.

I decided to hire an investigation and contact Cardiff lisvane local authorities after months of investment and investigation

There has been no report or even a car break in your area.

So there is no report from PhD holding scientist regarding this statement you provided

That they we're stolen.

Sounds like bullshit

Since the beginning you never bothered even to investigate the EMBRYO quite shocking from a man promoting panspermia since the beginning of his career.

You said you're out on international travel business. You stated many times you are retired why  many appearances on ancient aliens would not you have wanted to promote this scientific proof and you have access to a real fossil ET once again shocking. Oh ya I sent you one. Sounds like you're part of a cover up.

You really have no clue what I am capable of.

I recommend you start participateing while your still healthy 

I am far from human .


 NOTE THE CONCLUSION, "I am far from human ."
JULY 14, 2020 12:11 AM from Barry to Craig
from: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
to: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
date: Jul 14, 2020, 12:11 AM
subject: Re: Fw: Barry S Roffman ?
Great e-mail Craig. I'm glad that I'm not alone in fighting for justice with your sample.
Your sample, at a minimum, should have been worth a hell of a lot of money. It should have been stored securely, especially because it had a potential ET form of life in it.  I warned Steel because his name came up as the author in an article sent to me by Academia.edu, but when I opened the article the lead guy was Wickramasinghe and it was boasting about how they got the COVID-19 prediction right. My answer, sent back via Academia was necessary in order to give Steele a chance to separate himself from Wickramasinghe and Qu. I don't want to issue a false charge, but the evidence here is strong enough that, frankly, I'm upset that Wickramasinghe has not yet been arrested. What should Steele do? He should call me after he has heard Wickramasinghe answers to the charges I make against his associates. If he can show the charges to be likely false I will retract what I have but I doubt he will be able to do that.
Like it or not, and as appealing as big money is I warned you about a possible pandemic from this up front. We got it and the United States (and a lot of the rest of the world) is now experiencing a slow death. School will not open again in L.A. and San Diego. How can their parents work? I watched Israeli TV tonight. Their current rate of unemployment is 21% and most of them have not worked in 4 months. Brazil has over 70,000 dead. FLORIDA now has so much COVID, over 15,300 new deaths (this should read "cases") on a one day - yesterday, that if it were a country it would rank #4 in the world for cases.
Wickramasinghe and Qu made their joint predictions of a pandemic only after they got your sample. Steele and the other names on their new publications are going to have to look at their claims in the light of what they got from you. Nothing they are publishing mentions anything about your find and their supposed loss. If Wickramasinghe wants to challenge what I have written, let him publish it on his site immediately followed by his answer, and let him notify  me of when it's up so I can publish it and publish my answer.
Wickramasinghehas told the world that COVID-19 comes from a comet/meteor - but not yours. He says it was seen over China in October, 2019. Where does that leave you? Nowhere. Where does it leave the world? With nothing  to examine from the October encounter. NO REMAINS WERE RECOVERED. The scientific community should be examining your 27 pound main sample. What could happen if we don't get this fixed? Possibly an ELE.  What's that? An Extinction Level Event.
As I told the group, my home phone is (321) 613-2639. My cell is (321) 795-1926. Steele should get Wick's response and call me. As for you, find an honest pharma buyer, but I recommend you keep far away from Wick and anything that smells of China.
One last issue. You concluded with telling him, " I am far from human."
Any further comment?
Best regards,
Request to confirm non human meaning.
 Sawicki to Craig July 15, 2020
From: Jerzy Sawicki <jasawicki@shaw.ca>
Sent: July 15, 2019 2:54 PM
To: Craig Ebrahimi
Subject: Re: raman
Please the 3 slides with Raman you obtained.
I grouped and compared them in the same horizontal scale, one below the other in some cases.
There are some peaks that repeat and seem real.
The spectrum to the right in slide 3 must be wrong, with some big unreal signal.
Do you know what happened when it was measured?
 Can you read my Mac keynote file attached?
Raman spectra diagrams
from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: "BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>
date: Jul 17, 2020, 12:07 PM
subject: Organics/ publication/ Ebrahimi meteorites
Dear Barry & David
I have received emails regarding your search
For data for isotopes of oxygen
There will be  multiple publications available for reviewing  of Organics, Aminos, ISD, Oxygen isotopes ,Origin

Timing for oxygen isotope report that will help to identify where the meteorites came from.

CRAIG to Barry and David

7/20/10:02 AM

from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: "BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>
date: Jul 20, 2020, 10:02 AM
subject: Fw: Cold dark matter idea in a meteorite
Hello Barry & David
This meteorite has many clear detailed images that are not pareidolia
but resemble trapped souls or?
There is a coldness  from  the rock while even stored at room temperature for over two years there are paper regarding viruses and coldness 
but the  idea of trapped cold dark matter is very interesting.
What would have any comments on the subject.

Subject: Evidence for dark matter could be trapped in ancient rocks – Physics World

Partially censored Response from Barry on 7/20/2020:

I've seen these pictures before. The one (not attached) with the face is better.
On cold matter Wiki says Cold refers to the fact that the dark matter moves slowly compared to the speed of light. I don't see how this could cause the pulsating cold on your meteorite.
The scale of particles - nanometers - also makes it hard to believe that this explains such a large delta T (change in temperature).
What I have asked Jerzy and/or you to supply is a graph with Temperature (K) on the vertical (Y) axis and time on the horizontal (X) axis. This is important because I suspect that some sort of communication may be occurring, Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Torah Code is somehow involved.
Look at Figure 3 in my latest article at arkcode.com/photo4_150.html. Figure 3 is at http://arkcode.com/images/joe_update.png. The axis term is SIGNAL FROM FUTURE. Top line is JOSEPH, next line down labeled SAPPHIRE. XXXXXX  Joseph Sapphire (name changed) is is the government agent (from Huachuca) that interviewed me about my research. Next line: THE PLAGUE (what I research in conjunction with your sweating meteorite). Under that is G.BEAR, the author of  the book in my hand when Sapphire showed up. Under that is BOOK. Sapphire had information about the future with respect to nanotechnology and artificial intelligence (A.I).  David had just gotten his PhD in nanotechnology and he would start his work in A.I. four months later at Yale. As I outline in the full article attached, the full picture involves at least moving information through time. The PLAGUE threatens to bring down the U.S.and the world. The faces may be images of who is involved with this all in the future but I need more information to know for sure. Figure 3 was found against odds of over 549,000,000 to 1.
       I would like to have a sample to test the temperature pulsations, but we couldn't take one without certainty that it is virus free, This really needs to be studied in a Government lab with a good-sized budget behind it. If the film goes through we might consider plowing profits into the testing that David and I would like to do. He has a large house with room to set up a lab, but I would be surprised if he agreed to actually do it and my wife would rather upgrade from a 2-bedroom condo to a 3 bedroom where we live. In addition to sterility, security is also an issue. David has an AR-15 and  I am well armed but I don't want to see us have to use our weapons.
Everything would have to be locked up damn well for when nobody is home. If there are living viruses, permits would likely be required. Jerzy is a better choice but I think you scared him. His other research needed a budget for isotopes and from what he told me you need to work on your "bedside manners" with him. 
Dr. Humphrey might be able to provide an (engineering) grad student that can be trusted to work under her supervision to get that time vs. temperature plot that I need. Meanwhile I continued to study the Code to learn what else is encoded about your find.
Best regards,


from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: "BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>
date Jul 30, 2020, 12:15 PM
subject: Fw: chris herd


This guy needs a real heads up

CBC Radio Canada publication


Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>

11:47 PM (6 minutes ago)
to Craig
The CBC has highlighted my article. I just added to it. If Chris Herd came down for the launch and is still in town he should contact me ASAP so we can meet.
What I have up now is as follows:
We know there is primitive life on Mars and that it resembles primitive life on Earth – bacteria, cyanobacteria, puffball, lichens and algae. See the May 2019 Journal of Astrobiology for Evidence of Life on Mars? (Rhawn G. Joseph et al.) and Meteorological Implications: Evidence of Life on Mars? (David and Barry Roffman) . For 6 months I have been studying meteorites found by Craig Ebrahimi of Sooke, Canada. One of them has an intrusion that looks like an embryo. According to Dr. Elaine Humphrey at the University of Victoria, one rock has weird cold temperature (pulsing) viral properties and water condenses on the rock when it is kept at room temperature for months. The lab in Victoria is a brief ferry ride away from the first COVID-19 outbreak cases where 22 people died in Kirkland, WA. One sample was sent by Craig to Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe at the University of Buckingham in the UK. From there it went to Sri Lanka where Wickramasinghe claims it was stolen from his home, but four months after he received the rock in June, 2018 he co-published an article claiming by the end of 2019 the Earth would be hit by a virus from space that would be like the Spanish flu in 1917-1918. They were right about that. Wickramasinghe’s partner? Professor Jiangwen Qu of the Tianjin China Center for Infectious Disease Control in Tianjin, China. Meaning? The Chinese Army likely had access to an alien viral sample for a year and a half before COVID-19 got to killing with a vengeance. If we bring back the Perseverance sample it could be the death of us all.
I just received an analysis from Dr. Jerzi Sawicki at the University of Victoria that indicates maskelynite was detected on the meteorite. This apparently matches what we know about Mars meteorites. The report cites a 2004 article by Alian Wang et. al. in the Journal of Raman Spectroscopy that states in the abstract , "We have identified and characterized the major, minor and trace mineral phases in rock chips of a Martian meteorite, EETA 79001. Raman spectra are shown for pyroxene, olivine, maskelynite (shocked, isotropized feldspar), chromite, magnetite, ilmenite, ulv ̈ospinel, pyroxferroite, merrillite, apatite, anatase, an Fe sulfide, calcite and hematite."' This might indicate a Martian origin for C+raig's 27 pound meteorite BUT earlier everyone involved was arguing about oxygen isotopes seen on the rock and there was a question about whether the rock was from Mars, the moon, an asteroid known as 4 Testa or beyond. I will hopefully interview Dr, Sawicki again about all this, I have tried to reach Dr, Chris Herd about this find. I know that he gets a lot of meteorites to analyze, but for reasons related to the potential threat here it is important to understand that Craig is the owner and he has financial interests, but he has no formal scientific education. I have no financial interests but my son (Dr. David Alexander Roffman, PhD,, physics) and I can help organize the scientific response.
from: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
to: Jerzy Sawicki <jasawicki@shaw.ca>
cc: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
date: Jul 31, 2020, 2:51 PM
subject: maskelynite



Hi guys.
 Dr. Sawicki - I'm glad to see you still involved. How certain are you that the presence of maskelynite indicates the origin of the meteorite in question is Martian? Can you comment on how this find compares with data about the oxygen isotopes? Is there any reason that maskelynite might exclude lunar or 4 Vesta origin?
As I told Craig I watched the Perseverance launch from my front door. Then I looked at a CBC program about it that he sent me and I left a comment on the blog. They highlighted it as the top article. It mentioned you so you might hear from Canadian reporters. What I wrote is as follows:
We know there is primitive life on Mars and that it resembles primitive life on Earth – bacteria, cyanobacteria, puffball, lichens and algae. See the May 2019 Journal of Astrobiology for Evidence of Life on Mars? (Rhawn G. Joseph et al.) and Meteorological Implications: Evidence of Life on Mars? (David and Barry Roffman) . For 6 months I have been studying meteorites found by Craig Ebrahimi of Sooke, Canada. One of them has an intrusion that looks like an embryo. According to Dr. Elaine Humphrey at the University of Victoria, one rock has weird cold temperature (pulsing) viral properties and water condenses on the rock when it is kept at room temperature for months. The lab in Victoria is a brief ferry ride away from the first COVID-19 outbreak cases where 22 people died in Kirkland, WA. One sample was sent by Craig to Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe at the University of Buckingham in the UK. From there it went to Sri Lanka where Wickramasinghe claims it was stolen from his home, but four months after he received the rock in June, 2018 he co-published an article claiming by the end of 2019 the Earth would be hit by a virus from space that would be like the Spanish flu in 1917-1918. They were right about that. Wickramasinghe’s partner? Professor Jiangwen Qu of the Tianjin China Center for Infectious Disease Control in Tianjin, China. Meaning? The Chinese Army likely had access to an alien viral sample for a year and a half before COVID-19 got to killing with a vengeance. If we bring back the Perseverance sample it could be the death of us all.
I just received an analysis from Dr. Jerzi Sawicki at the University of Victoria that indicates maskelynite was detected on the meteorite. This apparently matches what we know about Mars meteorites. The report cites a 2004 article by Alian Wang et. al. in the Journal of Raman Spectroscopy that states in the abstract , "We have identified and characterized the major, minor and trace mineral phases in rock chips of a Martian meteorite, EETA 79001. Raman spectra are shown for pyroxene, olivine, maskelynite (shocked, isotropized feldspar), chromite, magnetite, ilmenite, ulv ̈ospinel, pyroxferroite, merrillite, apatite, anatase, an Fe sulfide, calcite and hematite."' This might indicate a Martian origin for Craig's 27 pound meteorite BUT earlier everyone involved was arguing about oxygen isotopes seen on the rock and there was a question about whether the rock was from Mars, the moon, an asteroid known as 4 Testa or beyond. I will hopefully interview Dr, Sawicki again about all this, I have tried to reach Dr, Chris Herd about this find. I know that he gets a lot of meteorites to analyze, but for reasons related to the potential threat here it is important to understand that Craig is the owner and he has financial interests, but he has no formal scientific education. I have no financial interests but my son (Dr. David Alexander Roffman, PhD,, physics) and I can help organize the scientific response.
Best regards




MAJOR CORRECTION: The email that Craig sent to me on 29  July 2020 that had the maskelynite discussion was actually a forwarded copy of Dr. Sawicki's email to him dated July 15, 2019. Dr. Sawcki is not now working with Craig again. I have asked Dr. Sawicki once more about the signifcance of the maskelynite. I will post his answer when it comes in.



from: Jerzy Sawicki <jasawicki@shaw.ca>
to: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
cc: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
date: Jul 31, 2020, 7:35 PM
subject: Re: maskelynite

In Fig. 2 of the paper by Wang et al. on page 508 published in 2004 they presented Raman spectrum of maskelynite in Martian meteorite.

In July 15th 2019 I’ve seen some resemblance of it to some of the Raman spectrum measured in Craig’s #1.
But, our Raman at this time was not measured well enough for being confident about presence of maskelynite in #1.
I proposed to do better measurements in smaller wavenumber range than up to 3000 cm-1 we used.
Please note that in Wang et al. paper intensity of Raman signal for maskelynite is multiplied by 10.
If it exists in No 1 its signal can be very broad and weak and on top of other stronger Raman signals for other minerals in it.
Some kind of microRaman spectroscopy or microXRD or TEM would be needed to confirm its presence in #1.
Because its volume fraction is probably very small, like 1/100 or less.


















































































From: Jerzy Sawicki <jasawicki@shaw.ca>
Sent: August 1, 2020 1:22 PM
To: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: #4
Is this another and recent one?
From the same area?

Keep it as clean as possible and cold as in the sea bottom there.
I also wonder if keeping it in water from its finding place would male sense.
Advice from NASA is needed too.

Think about recording its temperature as a function of time.

I can analyze a tiny piece of fusion crust from it with my technique.



From: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
Sent: August 1, 2020 2:54 PM
To: Jerzy Sawicki <jasawicki@shaw.ca>
Subject: Re: #4


Yes #4 oxygen isotopes are lunar origin.
#3 is very interesting it is full of carbon and Nitrogen 11 pounds cc meteorite = 4 from sooke basin.
I am concentrating on #1 #2 while my partners who are representing the sale of the fossils in #1 to the UAE
 I am trying to get as much paper work as possible, for October we are having a meeting with the board to discuss strategic planning of fossil in #1
It could be holding the missing links for human longevity or vaccines, bio defense .
 I currently have a team extracting organics from a lab 
 in the EU.
Let's meet up.

from: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
to: Jerzy Sawicki <jasawicki@shaw.ca>
cc: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
date: Aug 2, 2020, 12:50 AM
subject: Re: maskelynite
Hello Dr. Sawicki
Thanks for that clarification. I'd like to make a few points clear.
As we discussed, Craig has repeatedly made assertions that he's an alien. If he's not nuts he is likely a Nordic in that they allegedly look like us. But without a DNA sample from him we can't confirm or refute his claim which leaves us just with his rock to analyze.  There we might have an ET fossil but I haven't seen the hard, chemical proof of it yet. More likely from Dr. Humphrey's description of its thermal properties is that his rock has a virus. If so, it's urgent that we learn if the virus is identical with COVID-19. It's also critical to know if the Perseverance may collect viral-contaminated samples for return to Earth. It looks like  CBC/Radio Canada is leaving my comments up first, and the reply section of it mentions that I would have to get back to you. I don't know how many people replied but it looks like hundreds. The video that the CBC had up is about Dr. Chris Herd's role in looking for life on the sample return mission.
Today I see that about 60 readers on my site were from our Department of Defense and they were reading my record of Ebrahimi-related emails right up through the maskelynite question. You have told me that you don't want to work for Craig anymore. I understand your concerns - both with respect to the lack of funding for isotopes that you need and with respect to Craig's hot-headed attitude. He has threatened me before when he got angry with me and cursed me out plenty. But he keeps coming back to me because he understands that I have one purpose - learning if his meteorite #1 is the source of COVID-19 or any other virus that we may have to fight.
I don't know what your financial situation is but I assume that since you can afford to work at the University of Victoria as a volunteer enjoying retirement the way I enjoy my retirement by doing freelance intelligence for America, you are likely well off. However, whatever your condition is, if a friendly Government (in Canada or here in the U.S.) will not fund your expenses I think that Craig should do so. Beyond his purchase of the isotopes you need you can always negotiate a contract. If the meteorite is from Mars or if it has a virus that needs to be studied It will be worth a fortune.
Your email makes clear what you thought was necessary to clearly answer the question about the meteorite's origin. We need to rule out Mars before returning any rock or "soil" samples from Mars via the Perseverance follow-up mission. If the rock is from Mars and it has a virus on it I don't have to explain the significance of that to you, but if you can help put the full picture together for that then you are helping to understand and solve a problem that might be critical to ensuring our survival as a species. You have explained what needs to be done. Perhaps Dr. Herd will read my response to the CBC video about him at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOKtiYqhRGw and agree to help Craig complete the analysis of the main meteorite.
And what if you can not bring yourself to directly work for Craig again? Well that's why I post important emails on this topic at http://arkcode.com/custom3_551.html  for our Defense of Department (DOD)  to follow, but I must tell you that the politics (or Exopolitics) involved here are staggeringly complex. If DOD won't step up and get involved then it may help to offer my services in a managerial capacity that would allow a layer of separation between you and Craig.
It looks  like a hurricane due here on Sunday will keep me from visiting David, but if you want to talk my cell phone is 321 795-1926. We can probably hook up with David. Always assume that DOD is listening in but for important discussions like this I want them to do so.
Best regards
cc. Craig
The road ahead.
from: Jerzy Sawicki <jasawicki@shaw.ca>
to: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
cc: Elaine Humphrey <ech@uvic.ca>,
Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
date: Aug 2, 2020, 7:15 PM
subject: Raman of graphite-graphen

Hi Craig,

The collection of Raman data obtained in Sep-Oct 2019 that you kindly send me recently has some valuable information.
So called D and G bands seen there are characteristic of vibrations in graphite or graphene
Raman also showed orthopyroxene there.

It would be usuful to extent your Raman spectroscopy of the same region in this sample to 3000 cm-1.
To see if the additional D’ band at 2680 cm-1 shift shows there.
D’ peak should be stronger in meteorites than D and G peaks of graphite powder.

Such Raman spectra with D, G and D’ bands have been observed in some meteorites.
See the plots below at


How Raman spectroscopy searches should be altered in further studies.

In response to an email from Craig to Barry on  August 2, 2020 @ 6:07 PM.


from: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
to: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
date: Aug 3, 2020, 12:22 AM


Hi Craig
      Remember that I taught science for 30 years. The criticisms that I'm trying to get across to you are designed to point out where your points need clarification or improvement. I'm going to go over everything you wrote above to help you improve your "sales pitch."
Billions of Dollars are spent on searching for ancient microbial life on mars here on planet earth there is an ancient fossil that resembles a human like embryo .
PROBLEM: To claim that it is a fossil requires proofs like bones, or in the case of an embryo where ossification has not yet occurred, cartilage. You have repeatedly described multiple embryos but Dr. Sawicki told us that he has only seen one such image. The stick man that you say has a weapon or something else in his hand has no similarity whatsoever to what looks like an embryo. You said that the item in your necklace is not very clear.  If you can get a clear image of a second embryo we need to see it. The face-like image is fascinating, but here too a second face would go a long way to prove your case. Dr. Humphrey mentioned an embryo  in her email to Wickramasinghe on May 17, 2018, but since you mailed the sample to him yourself I'm not sure if she ever saw that image firsthand.
This is crystalized extraterrestrial organics that may be holding the missing links for human longevity
Today I think I first learned about graphene. Usually it's manufactured so what is it doing in meteorites unless perhaps a bolide was blown off of Mars where there was a computer at one of the sites that Dr. John Brandenburg thinks were hit with nuclear weapons. Even if there are crystalized extraterrestrial organics why would you assume that they may be holding the missing links for human longevity? Now, if it turns out that you are a Nordic, you may be hiding additional information as to what experience your species has dining on this stuff (mixed with bacon and eggs), but alas how can you strengthen this case without proving an identity that might result in your further examination on a dissection table? There is, of course, Sallah's book about an alliance between Nordics and the U.S. Navy, but our Government has a record of breaking treaties with indigenous people. You would likely not be safe unless President Trump gives the go ahead to full UFO disclosure. He has danced around the issue, but not yet done enough.
On the longevity issue you would need to show at least one person who used graphene, graphite or any other crystalized extraterrestrial organics to extend their life. Short of that you would have to show animals as test subjects. If you are just speculating and giving your opinion without proof then I am reminded of my last boss, Bob Goetz, who once said, "Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink."
While this  material is extremely valuable, we have analyzed this structure with a non-destructive testing Raman microscopy
The word WE should be replaced with a name of a person or a lab.
The G & D bands in some of the spectra are characteristic of certain forms of carbon (typically diamond-like crystalline C); mineral peaks tend to be quite narrow and sharp in monolithic solids, and can appear just about anywhere below ~2000 cm-1.
"monolithic solids" and "can appear just about anywhere below ~2000 cm-1"both seem too broad or vague. Can you provide some examples like an iron oxide and its number of waves per cm? Maybe a table could be used to show several monolithic solids.
The building block for organics.  C-H band.  spectra around 3000   available
The grammar here needs improvement. Are you talking about graphene specifically or one of the millions of other organic chemicals? For example, organic chemicals found on Mars with the MSL include methane, chloromethane, dichloromethane, trichloromethane, tetrachloromethane: dichloroethane, 1,2 dichloropropane; 1, 2 dichlorobutane, and chlorobenzene.
With International conflicting data of origin MOON ,MARS ,VESTA /coverup ?
You said there were three opinions about the oxygen isotopes. But you only told me about Jerzy and another person at the U of New Mexico. There is a third party out there that you said backed the Martian source. You still need to name this person and give specifics.
PROBLEM: Taste is a matter of opinion. See the Bob Goetz remark above for how science views that.
Having said all this, it is my opinion that the photo you sent me of you before your Porche (http://arkcode.com/images/craig_with_without_hair_plus_prometheus.jpg) was an impressive picture that tends to lend credence to the idea that you might be a Nordic. Perhaps you like the taste of your special pudding because it reminds you of a delicacy from "your home world." But before advancing an intelligent opinion of your potential longevity formula I need to know your age now or when the Porche photo was taken.😁
Best regards,



from: Jerzy Sawicki <jasawicki@shaw.ca>
to: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
cc: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
date: Aug 3, 2020, 1:12 AM
subject: Sherloc NASA

After you convince me that you have Raman spectrum of graphene with three peaks:

You may think about contacting Dr. Luther Beegle, principal investigator in NASA Sherloc Program.
They may have the same microRaman instrument named Sherloc in their lab that is now travelling to Mars.
It would be great to have them on board to examine some of your samples there.
See their page:
Suggestion to use microRaman instrument named Sherloc on Craig's main meteorite.
from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: "BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>
date: Aug 3, 2020, 2:11 PM
Your memory sucks 
you have signs of dementia 
You have no clue 
from: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
to: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
date: Aug 3, 2020, 9:18 PM


Your memory sucks 

RESPONSE: It's not perfect which is why I maintain a very extensive record of all important emails sent or received in conjunction with your project. The files are at http://arkcode.com/custom3 551.html. Most of your attachments are at http://arkcode.com/photo1. html. I told you up front that I forward everything I get to our DOD. I tell everyone that I deal with that, including Sawicki and Humphrey. You don't pay me but the U.S. military pays me a very handsome retirement. Can you remember that, or that COVID-19 which may have come from your rock has now killed over 155,000 Americans and it's infected over 4.5 million more Americans. Your rock may well wind up destroying my country and potentially the world. Why help you at all? Because until or unless I can get a clear indication of whether COVID-19 comes from your rock, I may well be the most qualified man in the world to investigate it. That's why DOD reads all my email record many times most days or everyday. According to my records for the last 33 days your emails at http://arkcode.com/custom3 551.html were read by DOD (and UK MOD) 225 times (754 times since January).
you have signs of dementia


Check your records for which one of us last claimed to be an alien. Don't have the record? I do. ON  July 12, 2020 11:26 AM you wrote to Dr. Sawicki at  Ncwick@gmail.com.  The email concluded with a threat in which you clearly wrote
You really have no clue what I am capable of.

I recommend you start participateing while your still healthy 

I am far from human.



       Now, most people would conclude from the above that you are nuts. But I am not like most people. I actually seriously consider that you might be an alien, and that you might have some technology that allowed you to recover a meteorite from under the mud offshore from where you live. I don't know for sure that you are an alien, but between what I have seen with my own eyes when I was 10 on May 22, 1957 (see http://www.arkcode.com/custom3_332.html) and what my Uncle Eugene told me about back-engineering what was found at Roswell shortly after I was born (see http://www.arkcode.com/photo5_29.html) to what I have heard in interviewing a large number of people who claim to be abductees, I think it is reasonable to allow for the possibility that you are a Nordic. As you have often expressed contempt for humans it is  incumbent on me to assume that you might have a hostile agenda. In response I have taken certain safeguards but the decision about how seriously anyone should take your threats is one that I think is above my head in our Intelligence or military community


RESPONSE: Here I have no clue about what you are talking about. I have never viewed Chris Herd as part of a conspiracy but I do think that before he studies possible life that may be returned to Earth if our Perseverance Mission is successful, he must first examine your rock. The two people that I do accuse of a conspiracy are not Canadian. They are Wickramasinghe (Sri Lankan) and Qu (Chinese). Recently you wrote about a possible visit to you by Wickramasinghe. When you told me about that I indicated that such a visit would tend to implicate you and I advised against the visit, asking you to find partners that were not suspicious. I warned you because I thought that (you) might not understand how the legal system works.



You are correct. Freelance  Criminal Investigators usually work for local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies where they question suspected criminals, crime victims and witnesses; look for evidence; and prepare reports about criminal activity. They might also conduct surveillance or testify in court. While these positions are generally paid, I consider my military retirement as a kind of ongoing pay. I swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Nothing in that pledge said the promises came to an end when I retire. I had retired at about the age of 45, but I was recalled to active duty at the age of 55 and held on active duty until 60. THIS ALMOST NEVER HAPPENS IN OUR MILITARY. In fact, with 34 years of military service, I never met another person recalled to active duty like I was. I am still trying to be recalled again (to our new Space Force this time). If it happens the people who will make it happen will be those who read my email record of contacts with you. I don't know if you have many people like me up in Canada. Here we are called patriots.

YOU WROTE: " You have no clue."

RESPONSE: I have more clues than you can possibly imagine, On your subject you have provided plenty but held back or exaggerated other important matters. But you don't seem to understand that what is not given to me is what makes the investigations that I do fun. This is true with respect to you, and with respect to Fort Huachuca. For while they investigate me I also investigate them. But I don't even stop there. Through use of the Torah Code I investigate both you, Huachuca, and yes, even God Almighty (or, if not real, the Artificial Intelligence that simulates Him in the Torah Code which has a lot about you).  Each day I accumulate so many clues that I generally am busy writing about them until about 1 AM.

YOU WROTE: "keep searching for the ARK AND KEEP PUBLISHING "


Actually I'm getting kind of old to run around the Egyptian desert in military-only restricted areas near where I think the Ark is at 31 degrees 9 minutes North, 33 degrees 4 minutes East. But I can win this game even after I'm dead. How? The more I publish and the more films are made about me, the more likely that someone will properly search the area of concern. If they find it where I say it is, and the coordinates become known, I will have proven the Torah Code to be real. That has political and theological consequences that are enormous. In fact it would be not too different from learning that you are an alien, but that possibility is not (yet, anyway) at the center of my investigation. 


RESPONSE: If you are talking about CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and PBS we are entirely in agreement. The only network that has any truth is Fox (and in the last year they have started to broadcast a lot about UFOs being real). It was nice to see the Canadian CBC pick up my story (and yours) in conjunction with Dr. Herd. Are you getting anything back negative or positive from Canadians about my article? Yes, it shines a spotlight on the problematic issues involved with your find, but it's how I fight and in this case I need to fight to get my concerns to the top of Herd's in-basket. What are my concerns? In this case it's making sure that Herd stops any Mars soil sample mission return if life is detected in your meteorite. Since the Chinese and UAE also have rockets on the way to Mars I would need to try to stop them too when they want to try to bring something back. That will be easier with the UAE than it will be with the Chinese, who thanks to COVID-19 (and maybe you), we are almost at war with now.


RESPONSE: At first I didn't know what interview you were referring too, but I found it (https://disclosurechronicles.com/2019/12/22/major-discovery-nasa-test-crystallized-humanoid-in-moon-meteorite-2020-2021/) on my attachments page. I listened to it once back in early February, 2020. Here is why I didn't pursue this video more:

1. The interview mentions that there is a lot of uranium in the rock. That might help us understand why you lost your hair, but Dr. Humphrey told me in February that there was nothing radioactive in the rock. Therefore I immediately concluded that at least one of you was not telling the truth.

2. There was also discussion about something like a magnetic field, but no such field was identified.

3. You spoke a lot about special powers that you got like being able to run 35 km. It was hard to get a good picture of you for a long time, but when I got the Porsche photo months later it was obvious that you are in very good shape. I questioned this a lot. I think you said you could run 35 km/hour. Maybe not, but I did ask you several times for clarification. In particular I wanted to see (and never got) before and after data related to when you ate the rock and how fast you were before and after.

4. The video uses the name Deviant Offworld Technology. As I told you immediately the name chosen was horrendous. I asked you to change it right away because it made you sound crazy.

5. The interview was conducted before COVID-19 hit the U.S.  I did not think the actor was credible. Your credibility with me only went up when the pandemic that I warned you about at the beginning actually developed. Still I had to warn you several times about the need to stop exaggerating so I could focus on facts rather BULLSH*T.

      Craig, listen to me carefully. I just spent an hour on the phone with Valentina J. Valenta, Legislative Director, Congressman Bill Posey (Florida District 08). Subject? Your meteorite, you, and the need to get a final answer about whether your rock is or is not the source of COVID-19. I don't yet know if the Congressman will meet with me, but I am doing everything in my power to shut this virus down. Understand that there are Americans (Democrats) who want this virus to kill a lot more Americans because a higher death toll increases the chance for Trump to lose the election. While you think I am like Hitler, I am trying to save lives. I prefer to have your cooperation but I will continue the drive to find the truth with or without you. I have a reputation for doing honest, in depth investigations. I will not flatter you to get you to cooperate. But I will give you the truth as I see it. I just got Jerzy to cooperate after you pissed him off for so long. Very few people know a damn thing about Raman. More, it comes with a lot of confusion because of multiple substances found at the same place overlapping each other. You need his help. You recently made the mistake of threatening Jerzy in writing. Get off his back and go with program. As for me I can't be frightened into submission. I will publish the full results of all investigations. There is too much at stake here to do anything less.

Still, best regards,


Dr. Sawicki to Craig Ebrahimi on August 3, 2020. Forwarded to Barry on August 11, 2020.
from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
date: Aug 11, 2020, 9:04 PM
subject: Ark code fuel
From: Jerzy Sawicki <jasawicki@shaw.ca>
Sent: August 3, 2020 10:04 PM
To: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>; Elaine Humphrey <ech@uvic.ca>
Subject: Re: raman data Sept& Oct 7 info from specialist.
Craig and Elaine,
I’m only able to see your Raman data a liitle bit when my grandson is sailing with parents and I’m not so busy.
I had a look at Raman spectra of #1 in search of graphite-graphene bands.
Your progress amazed me and I hope that your French fellah will see more in the extracts.
I wrote to Craig yesterday:
Can you really show me the D* band at around 2680 to 2700 cm-1 in some of your Raman spectra?
The high intensity D* band is observed in some meteorites, but not in synthetic graphite.
This could catch attention in NASA.
Like in the spectra shown below.
Today I had a look at your Raman spectrum measured up to 4000 cm-1.
I cannot find in it the D* band in its expected position, but rather in between two maxima.
Please see the spectrum with my notes in it.

Comment: I do not know who the "French fellah is."




Volume 143, Issues 1–2, July 2007, Pages 47-57

Raman spectroscopy of graphene and graphite: Disorder, electron–phonon coupling, doping and nonadiabatic effects

Andrea C. Ferrari


We review recent work on Raman spectroscopy of graphite and graphene. We focus on the origin of the D and G peaks and the second order of the peak. The D and 2G Raman peaks change in shape, position and relative intensity with number of graphene layers. This reflects the evolution of the electronic structure and electron–phonon interactions. We then consider the effects of doping on the Raman spectra of graphene. The Fermi energy is tuned by applying a gate-voltage. We show that this induces a stiffening of the Raman peak for both holes and electrons doping. Thus Raman spectroscopy can be efficiently used to monitor number of layers, quality of layers, doping level and confinement.


The end of my newest article discussing the meteorite also deals with longevity. It attempts to link what you have told me about to what is in Dr. Michael Salla's fantastic book - THE U.S. NAVY’S SECRET SPACE PROGRAM & NORDIC EXTRATERRESTRIAL ALLIANCE. Now I get a sniff of the examination to determine is there is synthetic graphene or graphite in the rock which raises a question as to whether you are actively exploring the faces or images in the rock. There is not only a question now as to whether the rock carries COVID-19, but also does it carry the cure too. If the rock carries both then the cure or longevity aspect may be the price that ET wants to enslave us. The strange face/s and pulsation may be markers for us to examine but we must be aware of possible alien agendas here.

Alien Agenda - a cure for our souls?

From Craig to Barry

 SEP 16, 2020 @ 1:41 PM

from: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: "BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>
date: Sep 16, 2020, 1:41 PM
subject: Please remove
Barry please remove your ridiculous post you created stateing trillion dollar man 

Trillion dollar man request

From Barry to Craig

from: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
to: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
cc: "davidaroffman@gmail.com" <DavidARoffman@gmail.com>
date: Sep 16, 2020, 4:51 PM
subject: Re: Please remove

Hello Craig

     I may consider it, but let's cut the crap here. You have often implied that you are an alien. Congratulations. You have given me reason to suspect you are. If you want to discuss the matter then I am more likely to take the article down. You did post the comment briefly on Linked in, and what goes out on the internet stays there. Even if I take down the article the words will live on in internet memory.

     Right now, as you likely know, I am reading Michel Salla's books about Nazis, Nordics and Reptilians. He thinks they are everywhere from Antarctica to our military industrial complex. His writings make it easier to accept your claims. While I would like to have a safe, honest one on one talk with an ET, while you remain in a questionable status of human or Nordic/Reptilian I must view you as a potential threat (not just to me, but to the planet which is currently experiencing 300,000 new cases of COVID-19 each day). Wickramasinghe wrote that you had the cure. Where is it?


     I am not a yoyo that you can play with as you did with the Elon Musk visit. When you give me information it is posted, not because I believe you, but to enable our Intelligence to evaluate it. Your trillion dollar man comment was seen by them long ago. It may influence potential investors like Musk or Gates (who I am beginning to despise) but I cannot be half in half out here. That does not mean that I need money to cooperate with you. What I need is the ability to ensure that what goes on is kosher when it comes to the lives of my fellow Americans (or, at least, Republican Americans, we are likely heading for a civil war with the Democrats). In Salla's world this is especially hard as it is a world where Hitler was permitted to escape and Nazis were permitted to flood our science and government communities. Apparently, along with Nazis we got Nordics (and Salla says Reptilians). Both Nordics and Reptilians supposedly shared UFO technology with Nazis. They used (Jewish) slave labor to accomplish their aims, and they did nothing to stop the Holocaust.

    I can write forever, but you and I need to talk and clear up problems in our relationship. My home phone is (321) 613-2639. My cell is (321) 795-1926.

     Salla’s Antarctica book mentions Clark McClelland a lot when it comes to information about Nazis, our space program, and aliens. Clark is an anti-Semite who blames Jews (Zionists) for everything. We were friends before I heard him on radio shows. I interviewed him a lot (he lives not too far away in Mount Dora, Florida). Given how Salla quotes Clark I’m going to call him now to see if he is still alive. His health was not good. When I last spoke to him he just had a leg amputated.

       Think about talking to me again, but remember that DoD and UK MOD read or hear what we say. The only way around that is to talk in person but we would need to clear up your exact status first.



PS: David is on the copy block


Response to Craig's trillion dollar man request.

Note: After I sent this message I tried to call Clark McClelland. Both his home phone and cell phone lines were no longer in operation which indicates that he is likely deceased.




Jerzy A. Sawicki added an answer
Thank David for your interest.
Covid slowed down our laboratory analyses but we have more time for examining and writing about what we already have. It is really an unusual object and we are preparing the application for its approval as meteorite. We also think about submitting the short paper to 2021 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.
Our recent analysis of Raman spectra in so called fossil area shows distinct bands characteristic of nano-diamonds. We also see something like CAI's in SEM-EDX data. My Mossbauer are very similar to those observed in Martian meteorites and with the same Fe-minerals. We also are improving are petrological analyses on thin sections.
It is difficult to move forward with labs partly closed and no resources. But we try.
My regards to you and your daddy.




Jerzy Sawicki

Oct 11, 2020, 11:54 PM (14 hours ago)
to me
Hello Barry,

I’m sure that all is going well there in Florida.
Fortunately, we have practically no Covids in Victoria, and a few cases only in Southern Vancouver Island.
Looks like oceans, sunshine and winds keep helping us.

I am more involved now in Craig’s finds mostly evaluating the analyses done thus far.
Craig surprises me how much he can find and read in the web and literature - as good students should do.

The field of meteoritics is fascinating and I see why so many labs and scientists do it, especially in US.
Certainly it is also due to funding by NASA, not available for us in Canada.

I’m thinking about submitting a paper to the next Planetary Science Conference in March, in Florida.
Reporting whatever we found about Craig’s big rock.
But, for this the find must be approved as meteorite by the Meteoritical Society, which is not easy.
I wonder if they would be able to make any exception for us studying this curiosity.

There are indeed several curious things about this rock.
For instance, the Raman spectra of the so called fossil seem to show nano-diamonds and graphite-like bonds.
Also, we see calcium-aluminum rich inclusions with electron microscopy.
And, my Mossbauer spectra show how magnetite fraction decreases with depth from the fusion crust.
From 65% of iron as magnetite to some 25% at the depth of 25 mm, this was not examined by others I think.
Whereas fractions of iron in pyroxenes and maskelynite glass increase with depth.

All the best.

George Sawicki


on 11/5/2020 12:13 AM

















from: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
to: Jerzy Sawicki <jasawicki@shaw.ca>,
Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>,
"davidaroffman@gmail.com" <DavidARoffman@gmail.com>,
Elaine Humphrey <ech@uvic.ca>
Hi Dr. Sawicki, Dr, Humphrey and Craig,
      In particular note the huge number of organic chemicals on the rock and it's extremely cold temperatures that are like the rock you are studying. This thing fell in January, 2018 - close to the time that Craig found his rocks. Coincidence?
Best regards,

Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>

Mon, Dec 7, 2020 at 10:33 PM

To: "BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>

From: 曲江文 <qujiangwen1122@126.com>

Sent: September 1, 2020 3:19 AM
To: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>; 钱德拉·维克拉马辛 <ncwick@gmail.com>

Dear Ebrahimi :

I have noted relevant reports in the Chinese media. I'm just an epidemiologist, and I can't participate in your experiment. I think 

Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe and his team will be interested in your research. I have send your Email to him. 



Lunar meteorite spectrum analysis: suspected animal embryo structure, experts will use biotechnology to extract



Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe




Note added by Roffman:

Google Translate renders the Chinese 月球陨石光谱分析后,,专家将用生物技术提取 as After spectral analysis of lunar meteorites, experts will use biotechnology to extract.

曲江文 is Qu Jiangwen.

钱德拉·维克拉马辛 is Chandra Vikramasin

JAN 1, 2021 email EBRAHIMI to ROFFMAN
  Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
to: "BarrySRoffman@gmail.com" <BarrySRoffman@gmail.com>
date: Jan 1, 2021, 3:57 PM
mailed-by: hotmail.com
signed-by: hotmail.com

 Craig Ebrahimi

Jan 1, 2021, 3:57 PM (2 days ago)
to BarrySRoffman@gmail.com
ROFFMAN response to EBRAHIMI on January 3, 2021
from: Barry Roffman <barrysroffman@gmail.com>
to: Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com>
date: Jan 3, 2021, 11:19 AM
subject: Re:
mailed-by: gmail.com

Barry Roffman

11:19 AM (22 minutes ago)
to Craig
1. Do you want to claim at least part ownership for any vaccine developed?
2. Do you believe Alex Jones?
3.It looked like Qu blew you off. Were you able to get any more reasonable response from him than advice to talk to Chandra from him?
         There is still a film series in the works about my Codes work. The first or second episode will focus  on you. Filming is supposed to start later this month. but I have not seen the contract. The man  putting the film together is Stuart Cooper. His email is
  stuart cooper <sdcgec@gmail.com>

4.   Let me know if you need his phone number.

5. We need a good number for you.

6. We could use some guidance about the best way for either side to cross the border.

7. Should your boat be used?

8.  Note: I assume that you are a Nordic. The film will, with your help, be the perfect chance to introduce your species. If your people played a role in shooting down an attack against Hawaii on January, 13, 2018 then there will be gratitude. But if you have an agenda that is opposite of that and more akin to that of Reptilians, you must make that clear before we meet.

Have a happy new revolution around Sol.





Figure 2 - Proof that the meteorite samples were mailed from Craig Ebrahimi to Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe on June 19, 2018 (see  the lower lefty side  of the combined image). As per the e-mail record above Wickramasinghe claims the samples were stolen from him, but that they had the cure (for COVID-19) and could be used for a longevity vaccine. Because license tags can only be renewed for 1 year in BC, the photo of Craig was taken between July 1, 2019 and April 28, 2020. Craig points to April 28, 2020.