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Let's not let Obama rewrite our Bibles. (5/20/2012)

On May 17, 2012 an article (shown after the matrix) appeared in FoxNew.Com about Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO) introducing a measure to protect religious freedom of military chaplains and service members opposed to same-sex marriage. This was needed because President Obama has worked hard to corrupt American military values. Thus it isn't surprising to find a matrix about the issue in the Torah Code. The axis term on the matrix below is USA MILITARY. In the open text is MAN SHALL NOT LIE WITH MANKIND AS HE LAYS WITH WOMAN IT IS ABOMINATION.  At the same absolute skip as USA MILITARY is HOMO and OBAMA. Crossing HOMO in the open text is (spiritually) UNCLEAN.  Near USA MILITARY in the open text is (spiritually) UNCLEAN PLACE.



       Military chaplains and service members opposed to same-sex marriage are coming under attack in the military, according to Republican lawmakers and a chaplain advocacy group. The Chaplain Alliance For Religious Liberty said there is an effort under way to silence, and in some cases punish, those opposed to gay marriage. The allegations surfaced after the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

       “If you are supportive of same sex marriage, you can speak boldly,” said Ron Crews, executive director of the Chaplain Alliance. “But if you are opposed, you are silenced.”

       Crews is one of 19 individuals to write a letter to the House Armed Services Committee urging lawmakers to protect the religious liberties of chaplains and service members.

       “Until Congress acts decisively, efforts to silence the voices of our military chaplains of all faiths and backgrounds will likely continue well into the future,” the letter read. “It is time that Congress secures the rights of all chaplains, once and for all, instead of allowing those that do not subscribe to the orthodoxy of the day to be unconstitutionally silenced.”

        The Pentagon disputed those assertions. In a statement to Fox News they said chaplains are not required to participate or officiate in any private ceremony that might conflict with their religious or personal beliefs. They also denied any service members have been punished for opposing gay marriage.

       “In general, as we have reinforced in training across the force, DADT Repeal is not about changing attitudes but rather about reinforcing behavior that treats everyone with dignity and respect,” the spokesman said.  

        George Wright, an Army spokesman at the Pentagon, said in a statement to Fox News “the religious freedoms of Army chaplains are already well protected in Army policy and regulations.”

       Crews said they know of dozens of instances where military personnel have come under fire. He said one chaplain was told that if he could not support DADT he should resign his commission.

      “Some of these chaplains have in fact had their careers impacted,” he told Fox News. “They’ve been punished. Right now, if you are opposed to this policy you’re not seen as a team player.

       An amendment to the 2013 defense authorization bill could change that. The amendment, sponsored by Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO), protects religious freedom of military chaplains and service members opposed to same-sex marriage.

       Akin said he’s received a number of complaints about people of religious faith concerned about what they perceive to be attacks on Christianity.

       “There is a war on religious belief in the military,” Akin told Fox News. Akin said he was aware of chaplains who’ve come under fire for their opposition.

       “That’s the point (of the amendment),” he said. “To prevent further reprisals in the future.”

       “It’s frightening,” Crews said. “This is just another example of this administration’s push against religious liberty.”


STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THE MATRIX. As per my standard protocol, no statistical significance is assigned to the axis term, here USA MILITARY at its 10th lowest ELS in Torah.  Before starting the experiment I knew that there were two prohibitions for homosexual behavior in Torah. The first is found in Leviticus 18:22. This verse is shown on the matrix (MAN SHALL NOT LIE WITH MANKIND AS HE LAYS WITH WOMAN IT IS ABOMINATION.). The second prohibition is in Leviticus 20:20. I have not yet conducted a search for a match with that verse, but either verse would have worked - so the frequency of the prohibition was set at 2. The calculation was based only on the right 444 letters of the 504-letter matrix because (1) spiritually UNCLEAN was seen at skip +1 in it and the Poisson Equation allows for no further value for the second spiritually UNCLEAN with spiritually UNCLEAN PLACE, and (2) spiritually UNCLEAN PLACE was only found a-posteriori. As such, before adjustments to compensate for the ELS rank 10 of the axis term, there was about 1 chance in 343 to get the verse prohibiting such behavior in the 444 letters with USA MILITARY. The word HOMO had about 1 chance in 10 to be at a special case skip +/- 1 or the absolute skip of the axis term. OBAMA was, like HOMO, also at the absolute skip of the axis term. Odds against such a special case skip on the matrix for his name were about 114 to 1. The word UNCLEAN was found at skip +1 against odds of about 4 to 1. After dividing the combined values by 10 to account for the ELS rank 10 of USA MILITARY, the final results indicated that the matrix exists against odds of about 167,371 to 1. This matrix should be viewed in combination with the matrix on Obama and Gays.

WHY HOMOSEXUALS ARE NOT JUST ANOTHER MINORITY THAT THE MILITARY SHOULD ACCEPT. I began my military career at the age of 19 in 1967, and I retired at the age of 60 in 2007. In all that time I encountered just three homosexuals. One was a lieutenant in the Navy in 1970, another was lieutenant commander in the Navy Reserve in 1978, and the third was a commander in the Coast Guard Reserve in 1987. The first officer always put his hands on me when we passed each other in confined spaces aboard the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk. The second officer woke me up at 1 AM to proposition me at the bachelor officers' quarters (BOQ) in Charleston, SC, and the third I was forced to share a room with in Alameda, CA. Although that commander was obviously homosexual, he did not personally bother me; but he was arrested and thrown out of the Coast Guard after he advertised himself as a gay officer in an Anchorage, AK newspaper. So two of the three harassed or propositioned me, and the third I had to worry about when I got undressed in my room.   

        People on active duty often must share very close quarters. It is no more appropriate to put a straight man like myself together in sleeping quarters with a homosexual than it would be to put a straight man together in sleeping quarters with an attractive female. The high rate of rape in the latter case is evidence of the need for keeping men and women on active duty reasonably separated. In 2008 there were 2,280 cases where women provided full accounts and evidence for rape. Of these only 317 cases were referred for courts-martial and 247 were referred for non-judicial punishment. Likewise, it will be just as hard, if not harder, for straight service members to bring charges against homosexuals, especially when the homosexuals are senior to the straight members.

       As for chaplains, no real chaplain who believes that the Bible is derived from God can accept the idea that our President has higher Authority than God or prophets like Moses who preached against homosexual behavior. The attempt to force chaplains to accept Obamination is inexcusable. While some liberals may argue that there shouldn't even be any chaplains in our military because it's a violation of the separation of Church and State; reality is that unlike other areas of work, service men and women all too often give their lives in combat.  They have a right to expect legitimate military chaplains (like my older son) to be there for final rights if they are in the process of dying from their wounds. Obama's policies defile military chaplains, all they stand for, and all they offer. The insanity flowing from the White House must be reversed.