Repulsine Drive for a Flying Saucer

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Synopsis from Cook's HUNT FOR ZERO POINT, pages 221-222. Updated 4/17/2016


Viktor Schauberger


     Viktor Schauberger was a scientist who was forced to work for the Nazis during World War II. His story is detailed in Nick Cook’s book, HUNT FOR ZERO POINT.   Cook conducted an investigation into whether or not Schauberger was involved in experiments to produce a flying saucer and/or an antigravity device.  The operation of the craft is described on page 221, and pictured (as shown below) on page 222.  The explanation offered states, "...there was a description of what happened when a Repulsine was rotated at 20,000 rpm.  The high rotation speed appeared to cause air molecules passing through the turbine to pack so tightly that their molecular and nuclear binding energies were affected in a way that triggered the antigravity affect.  'A point is reached where a large number of electrons and protons with opposite charges and direction of spin are forced into collision and annihilate with one another...As lower rather than higher orders of energy and the basic building blocks of atoms, they are upwardly extruded as it were out of the physical and into virtual states."  A discussion of 4th and 5th dimensions then follows.” 

Update of March 27, 2011: Paul Potter's claims about Schauberger. About a month ago I received a copy of book by Paul Potter entitled GRAVITATIONAL MANIPULATION OF DOMED CRAFT, UFO Propulsion Dynamics. You can find my review of Potter's book at POTTER'S UFO. One major criticism that I have about his writings is that he seems to be king of the run-on sentence. An example (related to Schauberger) is found on page 309 of his work. There Potter states that, "This was the great and wonderful thing about the Schauberger UFO in the 1940's and the Searl IGV craft in the 1970's, what they did essentially, was generate a toroidal-frustum electro-gravito-magnetic field around them (at their large diameter perimeters), and then they both produced copious amounts of charged particles, in their own unique ways, which they then polarized and immediately fed into those developing toroidal-frustrum fields, and when those particles rotated en masse (and they automatically drifted into the central axis by this frustum effect) they would then collimate upward into an organized helical flow above those craft, to lift those craft up when the particle rotations reached above a critical angular velocity - because as those (positive) mass-particles spun faster and faster the gravitational forces imbued into them would increase suddenly to a greater power level than that of the gravitational force flowing into the earth." 

       What you just read is a tiny sample of his 583-page book. Potter does have a large number of illustrations and a tremndous quantity of notes, but as I write in my review, too many of his conclusions are based on memories of a woman that was allegedly abducted by aliens on several occasions. He seems well read, but there is no evidence of experiments that he personally carried out to substantiate his claims.


Initial Negative Feedback about this page.  I hadn't written anything about Schauberger and the Repulsine Drive for about a year after posting the first paragraph about Schuaberher above, and the picture below.  Then I received some claims by folks big on "remote viewing".  The following thoughts follow from the combination of negative feedback with this page's sudden surge to the top of popularity on this site, despite competition on my (mostly Torah Code) web site from topics ranging from Michael Jackson’s death, to the Mayan calendar End of the World cultural frenzie supported by Hollywood and on to what the Codes had to say about presidential candidates in 2012 and 2016.


1.   Schauberger’s efforts and similar Nazi projects were largely scooped up by Operation Paperclip at the end of World War II. Any success that he had would be greatly shrouded in secret.  This means that some of the attention at my site could theoretically come from our Government in an effort to see what, if anything, is known about his research.  If so, my answer to such folks is that my knowledge is primarily limited to what Nick Cook wrote in his book, The Hunt for Zero Point and (to a lesser degree), and claims made by friends including Clark McClelland and Dr. C. B. Scott Jones.  Jones is a member of a group known as the Aviary.  Much of the rest of my writings on this topic is what I can only surmise based on my analysis of open source documents, combined with an effort to debunk what is obvious disinformation. 


2.  Curiously, Nick Cook’s book finishes with a mention of Dr. Harold Puthoff (an Aviary member) in the very last sentence.  In August, 2009,  my son, David, (at 16) began as an Honors student majoring in Space Physics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU).  David wrote a detailed chaper by chapter review for the new Frontiers in Propulsion Science textbook (see the chapter links below). The text was published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).  The AIAA was founded by Dr. Puthoff.


3.  For those who cannot afford the $130 price of Frontiers, I suggest that you follow my sons chapter outlines and updates as they are posted. The Frontiers textbook is, as was suggested to our family by Dr. Puthoff himself, the very best place to start in pursuit of the truth about BPP.  Having said this, the reader must be aware of three considerations:

  • The connection of Dr. Puthoff and associates to the U.S. Defense Establishment,

  • Eight of the 22 chapters in Frontiers have no copyright because they are property of the U.S. Government (which means that they are subject to Government censorship) and,

  • The very high level of math required to get to the bottom of assertions and considerations in the textbook.  

       In short, there are no easy shortcuts to the truth.  Our family has set out on a path to try to find it, but the road ahead will involve a lot of work and years of study.  Along the way, the issue of Martian atmosphereic pressure has been a (six-year, hugely vital) distraction, but I believe an absolutely necessary one.  To a certain extent, we will not succeed unless we are invited into the inner circles of those who may know, or who are funded to find, the truth.  On July 13, 2009 I received I received a set of equations that allegedly deal with anti-gravity.  The immediate source of these equations was from a member of a group called the Aviary (the member was not Dr. Puthoff). The original source was reported to be extraterrestrial, but the group has been accused of disinformaton before.  I wrote war plans for the U.S. Defense establishment until I retired from active duty in 2007.  Disinformation is a legitimate part of plan writing efforts, but here the issue remains one of science vs. politics.  Caveat emptor. As reading feedback about our claims if disinformation by NASA, what we get is not always directly, but largely limited to tracking visits from NASA (and Kremlin) IP addresses. See slides 59 and 60 on our January 13, 2016 PowerPoint entitled Mars Correct? Mars is Wet

       With respect to the Martian research, I know that many fans of the repulsive drive story often use this page as a portal to much of the rest of my ArkCode.Com.  If you are one of them, know that there is a definite relationship between what you seek here, and the apparent disinformation about what is going on at Mars. The really significant proof is kept on my MarsCorrect.Com site. The hottest proof is that Mars has higher air pressure than advertised by our Government because all pressure sensors clogged with dust and broke on the landings of the probes (Viking 1, Viking 2, Pathfinder, Phoenix and Mars Science Laboratory (MSL).  However, an intense audit of MSL weather data resulted in JPL changing published weather data about temperatures, winds, Martian sunrise and sunset times and other items after I pointed out errors or likely errors to JPL PR man Guy Webster. JPL changed some Martian pressures too after hearing from me, but in ways that made it appear that their loyaltywas not to truth, but rather to a seasonal pressure curve (Figure 9A) in originally backed by Professor James Tillman back in the days of Viking 1 and 2. See Section 2.1 of the Basic Report for more on this.

       The sad truth is that the only pressures measured on Mars were for tiny bit of gas trapped behind the dust clots.  As it was heated by the radioisotope thermoelectric heaters (RTGs), the pressure went up.  When the heaters turned off, the pressure went down.  The pressure measured had absolutely no relationship to the ambient pressure on Mars, or to sublimation or condensation of  carbon dioxide at the Martian South Pole.  We have over 400 pages of proof of that on my son's web site, which includes an intense audit of all Viking-1 temperatures, pressures, and predictions for how the pressure should have and did change on an hourly basis for 336 days of Viking-1 operation (more for Viking 2).  Do you imagine that the Viking folks made no major mistakes?  If so, realize that their major conclusion that there were no organic chemicals in Martian soil was just found  to be wrong by Dr. Chris McKay at NASA Ames.




JANUARY 13, 2016: New PowerPoint: MARS CORRECT? MARS IS WET!


JUNE 25, 2012: THIS IS A ONE HOUR RADIO INTERVIEW OF BARRY S. ROFFMANThe interview includes a discussion of what the Torah Codes is, and what the Code reveals about aliens and UFOs.

June 23, 2011: Back on April 5, 2011, at  ( I found an article about an ancient natural nuclear explosion on Mars.  I interviewed the main source, Dr. John Brandenburg, and read his book LIFE AND DEATH ON MARS: THE NEW MARS SYNTHESIS. His ideas are posted at NUKE ON MARS.

March 4, 2011: New evidence (released by the U.S. Air Force at Edwards Air Force Base) backs the idea of people being teleported to and from UFOs.  See the Government report and related matrix at Teleportation - Plus Air Force Evidence for UFOs.

May 26, 2014: it is possible that technology discussed below is being integrated into the Space-X Falcon 9 rocket to facilitate its dramatic new re-entry capability. See my article about Podkletnov.  

     For those of you who want a quick link to notes by my son on Breakthrough Propulsion Physics (based on Fronteirs in Propulsion Science), the following items may be of interest:



Preface for Frontiers in Propulsion Science

Chapter  1: Recent History of Breakthrough Propulsion Studies

Chapter  2: Limits of Interstellar Flight Technology

Chapter  3: Prerequisites for Space Drive Science

Chapter  4: Review of Gravity Control Within Newtonian and General Relativistic Physics

Chapter  5: Gravitational Experiments with Superconductors: History and Lessons

Chapter  6: Nonviable Mechanical “Antigravity” Devices

Chapter  7: Null Findings of Yamishita Electrogravitical Patent

Chapter  8: Force Characterization of Asymmetrical Capacitor Thrusters in Air

Chapter  9: Experimental Findings of Asymmetrical Capacitor Thrusters for Various Gasses and Pressures

Chapter  10: Propulsive Implication of Photon Momentum in Media

Chapter  11: Experimental Results of the Woodward Effect on a Micro-Newton Thrust Balance

Chapter  12: Thrusting Against the Quantum Vacuum

Chapter  13: Inertial Mass from Stochastic Electrodynamics

Chapter  14: Relativistic Limits of Spaceflight

Chapter  15: Faster-than-Light Approaches in General Relativity

Chapter  16: Faster-than-Light Implications of Quantum Entanglement and Nonlocality

Chapter  17: Comparative Space Power Baselines

Chapter  18: On Extracting Energy from the Quantum Vacuum

Chapter  19: Investigating Sonoluminescence as a Means of  Energy Harvesting

Chapter 20: Null Tests of “Free Energy” Claims

Chapter  21: General Relativity Computational Tools and Conventions for Propulsion

Chapter 22: Prioritizing Pioneering Research


One final note about disinformation.  The most important aspects of it are covered on my site at Aldrin and Obama.  As mentioned earlier, our family (which operates a research team)  is actively investigating the possibility that the Martian atmosphere is far denser and friendlier to life than is advertised by NASA.  In fact, we belief that we have irrefutable proof of this fact. Although David's paper on it was greeted at first with skepticism, his research on these lines has been highly encouraged at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  It was at the focus of a special topics course that he took withh Dr. Hickey in the spring of 2010; and it resulted in the opportunity for David to deliver a 30-minute speech at the 13th International Mars Society Convention in Dayton, Ohio on August 5, 2010.  His presentation was entitled ENGIMA OF THE MARTIAN ATMOSPHERE: HIGHER THAN ADVERTISED AIR PRESSURE?  An updated version is at: MARS CORRECT Critique of All NASA Mars Wearher Data With Emphasis on Pressure by David A. Roffman and Barry S. Roffman. Updated May 13, 2014 with almost one full Martian year (2 Earth years) of MSL weather data. 

       If David we are right, we have either uncovered evidence of major blunders due to a cultural need to support legacy data at NASA, or something that is the result of disinformation and poor equipment design - especially with respect to dust filters used on Mars landers.  The man at the focus of this controvery is Professor James Tillman, Director of the Viking Computer Facility.  My son and I last spoke with him on October 6, 2010 at 4:15 PM Eastern Time.  If you miss the opportunity to read our Basic Report, you will miss what may be the best evidence yet that shows a reality that is quite divergent from that portrayed by NASA.

    The real thread of information here seems to go as follows:

    (1) The evidence that our Government has misinformed us about the nature of the Martian atmosphere. For this, see the MarsCorrect.Com Site Contents.


      (2) Aldrin's remarks about a monolith on Phobos and photographs taken by the Soviet Phobos II probe in 1989 of a 15.5 mile long UFO near Phobos.  All this can be seen at Aldrin and Obama.


    (3) The means of alien propulsion that brought you to this page.


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